Fallout: New Vegas deal update

As you might have seen, Zavvi threw a hissy fit at me this morning for using the coupons that they sent to me in an email in a way that they didn’t want me to.

This means that the deal for Fallout: New Vegas on the PC for £17.45 is probably off, but there is an alternative deal that is nearly as good from The Hut, part of the same corporate entity as Zavvi, but seemingly with a much less overzealous fraud department.

For £29.58, you can get Fallout: New Vegas and Fallout 3 [Goatee Edition]. If you like, you can also trade in Fallout 3 [Goatee Edition] at Gamestation for £13 using CEX pricematch, making the effective price of New Vegas £16.58.

Here’s how you get it:

1. Go grab yourself a 10% off code for The Hut.
2. Add both New Vegas and Fallout 3 [Goatee Edition] to your basket.
3. Apply the coupon you got in stage one. The total for the order should now be £29.58.

Now you can either keep both games, or trade in Fallout 3 for £13 Gamestation credit.

New Vegas registers on Steam.

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  1. Ben Rose #

    My order to Zavvi (with both discounts) went through at about two today, and I immediately cancelled Fallout 3, just to see if it’d work. The cancellation is still processing, so I can’t really offer any extra advice.

    Still, if anyone else is in my situation, don’t forget that you can always cancel the whole thing, or just return what they ship you, and there’s no harm done.

    • Ben Rose #

      UPDATE: My Fallout 3 has cancelled as expected. There’s no change to the stated cost, but I’m not sure if that’s normal or not.

      • Lewie Procter #

        That’s normal, although who know’s what they’re doing. I’ve been told that my account isn’t the only one they are reviewing.

  2. Vaguely relevant side note: my order from Zavvi – with the 10% off, but nothing else, no GOTY addition mess – still hasn’t despatched, and it was made over a week ago. So…hm 🙁

    • mamac #

      same thing has happened to me!!!

  3. I keep checking this offer, and it keeps not working – the £5 GOTY discount just isn’t getting applied. Stupid Hut.

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