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I do not have any adverts on SavyGamer, and I really like it that way. It’s partly out of principle, but also partly because I haven’t ever been offered an ad deal that I think is good value for money. It would be somewhat hypocritical of me to plaster my own site with adverts when I myself block adverts.

When I started SavyGamer it was a hobby with a vision for the future, then it became extra work on the side, and now it is my full time job.

A bit behind the scenes: From the affiliate links and commission that I earn from SavyGamer readers buying things through my links, I currently earn on average roughly 3p a month per person that visits the site, minus hosting/domain costs. It is a nice return for the work that I do, but donations from SavyGamer users allow me to live more comfortably.

I’m asking that you consider subscribing to a £1 a month contribution to SavyGamer. This money will help keep SavyGamer independent and free of adverts, it will help keep a roof over my head and ensure my tea, biscuit and bacon rations never run out. In return for your £1, each subscriber will receive one Hi5 (redeemable whenever is most convenient for you. No expiry date, but you have to travel to me).

I think £1 a month is probably smaller than the savings that a lot of SavyGamer readers make from the deals that I find, and I promise that as long as I am accepting subscriptions I will continue to put every bit of energy I have into making gaming as cheap as possible for everyone.

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