Technical Difficulties: Please Stand By

Hello everyone! You might have noticed a drop in deals over the last few days. Sorry about that.

Lewie is off gallivanting around the world right now, with a trusty laptop for company to make sure he can keep all his plates spinning while he’s doing so. Unfortunately, said laptop has turned out not to be so trusty and is currently in need of repair. While he’s done a great job of keeping the deals coming on his break until now, as you might imagine, this is a bit of a roadblock.

Lewie will be back in the UK next month, at which point normal service should begin to pick up due to having access to computers and such. In the mean time, the B Team will be filling in the gaps as best as we can. We might not be able to grab you a deal quite as quick as Lew but what we lack in alacrity we make up for in spirit of heart, or something.

If you want a deal for something specific, please ask us on Twitter and we’ll do our best – I’m @Willeth and Tony is @standardman. You can follow Lewie on Twitter at @LewieP for updates on his status too.


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  1. Jago #

    Can I join the B team, please?

    • Will Templeton #

      I can’t answer that one I’m afraid, although Lewie may have an answer on his return. Tony and I have been involved with the site for a few years and have undergone a gruelling initiation.

  2. Andre #

    Whew, you guys had me worried for a while…

  3. Lamaldo78 #

    No problem, good luck with the laptop. Looking forward to normal service resuming.

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