Savy Market Share: Retailers 2012

Here’s a dose of data gleaned by monitoring the spending habits of SavyGamer users throughout 2012. This chart shows what proportion of the total spend SavyGamer users spent at each retailer. This is only for retailers that I have an affiliate contract with, so there are some places missing (notably Steam), and some of these retailers operate internationally, whereas some are UK only.

1. Amazon US – 23.02%
2. GamersGate – 17.24%
3. Amazon UK – 15.94%
4. Green Man Gaming – 10.02%
5. Tesco – 7.57%
6. GAME – 6.10%
7. Gamefly – 4.01%
8. Zavvi – 3.37%
9. ShopTo.Net – 1.97%
10. iTunes – 1.84%
11. Gamestation – 1.67%
12. Simply Games – 1.63%
13. The Hut – 1.26%
14. Microsoft Store – 0.90%
15. – 0.58%
16. Gameplay – 0.51%
17. Argos – 0.47%
18. Coolshop – 0.41%
19. HMV – 0.38%
20. The Game Collection – 0.31%
21. Origin – 0.29%
22. Asda – 0.21%
23. Currys – 0.12%
24. PC World – 0.0641%
25. – 0.0607%
26. WOW HD – 0.0298%
27. Dixons – 0.0129%
28. Sainsbury’s – 0.005%

Here’s last year‘s if you’d like to compare the two.

Tesco have certainly been less competitive on prices compared to 2011, whereas Amazon’s expansion into digital games on Amazon US has been incredibly aggressive. Pretty much across the board digital is increasingly getting a larger share of your spend, although EA’s Origin isn’t showing much traction yet.

Do you notice any interesting trends?

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  1. shoozle #

    Not surprised Amazon were very high, they really upped their game as did GMG to compete with the Steam sales. Competition is always good, for us anyway, very cheap prices. (DMC4 at £1.69 for example)

  2. Interesting to see are quite low, especially when I have just read they are closing their direct retail business. I can’t remember the last time I bought anything from them.

    • Mikebloke # was originally like a cheaper version of Argos online, then they tried to be like amazon. Got burned too many times buying things on which actually came from an unaffiliated seller. Poor service and confusion on where items were coming from and their quality pretty much killed it worse than what the prices were.

  3. Bioptic #

    There was a time had pretty low prices compared to Amazon, and were usually a day or so faster than Amazon for free shipping, but Amazon’s largely closed the gap. They still offer a good service and the odd great deal though.

    I’m a little ashamed, but do end up buying most of my stuff from Zavvi/TheHut – had numerous awful shopping experiences (waited 2 months for a DVD boxset once) but have saved by far the most money there – got my Wii U for £75 off retail value. They do routinely raise prices whenever they issues discount codes though, and often the best deals are the ones that slip through this.

    Shopto are pretty amazing for speed and quality of service, and will often have good discounts on the newer pricier items – they had Mario U for £35 rather than £40 long before anywhere else, and some other Wii U games at £24-30. I’m glad Savygamer posts deals there though, because I have a terrible time browsing for stuff- especially since they added individual music tracks to their search engine!

  4. KamikazeTutor #

    I’ve picked up great Collector Edition deals from in the past but I’ve always had problems trying to finding a way to contact their customer support that wasn’t by phone. Not sure if it changed.

  5. the donkey #

    usual awful trends. tax avoiders amazon massively increasing market share by ignoring t+ c’s and eula’s – most people give money to these legal pirates. Game is so poor its lost share. steam is missing but has become defensive of late and is maximising revenues from microtransactions . gamersgate is an interesting figure since they are scum. like i said usual awful trends with liars thieves and cheats proving to be the most popular.

    • Woah there sonny, care to back up any of those assertions with actual evidence?

      Amazon avoiding tax we all know about, and should have done for a lot longer (S.A.R.L. means the company is registered in Luxembourg and not paying tax, check your credit card statement). But ignoring EULAs? What exactly are you referring to, and why should the consumer give a crap about the restrictive nonsense that publishers want to push onto us?

      Steam is missing because Lewie doesn’t have an affiliate deal, not because of any change in market strategy. And I’ve never had a single problem with Gamersgate.

      • the donkey #

        Buying a temporary pc licence via a false address from a different sales region would breach most eulas – everyone who has their temporary licence removed at a later date will have no grounds to get their money back – more money for amatron. Steam stats are absent because Lewie has no connection with them, and I never implied anything different. As for gamersgate they have a very long history of foul play, and their assertion they could not afford the promised permanent ign discount is not borne out by their latest decision to reward those who got bethseda keys – and a refund for them – with a further 20% discount. In closing it seems apt to repeat the comment directed at myself below that ‘ People that post on the internet are often mad, sometimes confused but usually both’ especially when they start with ‘Woah there sonny…………..and then demand ‘ evidence’ that they can’t be bothered to find for themselves because they’re too busy trolling…

    • Rodhope #

      What has this come from? Are you a games developer that’s been stiffed, or have you bought something that hasn’t come through? Have you got evidence to back any of this up?

      You’re on a website for game bargains and you seem to be attacking retailers that offer game bargains?

    • Dragoon #

      People that post on the internet are often mad, sometimes confused but usually both.

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