Direct2Drive offer Price match guarantee

Update: This price match is actually useless. Read this follow up for details.

Direct2Drive are offering a price match guarantee against, and Steam. If anything gets a discount from any of those three outlets, you can buy it from Direct2Drive, and they will give you store credit equivalent to the difference. If you’d like to get the Steam sale discounts without using Steam, then this is your chance.

You go through the submit a ticket system, and link to where it is cheaper on the day of purchase, and include a screenshot. The terms and conditions are here.

This offer is available until the 31st of December.

Reasons people might want to do this:
If you don’t like the DRM of the Steam client, you can get games without it.
Presumably devs will be getting commission at full rate (although that is speculation).
You can avoid GamersGates somewhat fiddly standalone downloaders.

Reasons people might not want to do this:
I’d prefer to just get the games for the cheaper amount, and be forced to spend more at D2D further down the line.
It is Rupert Murdoch.

Cheers to astute SavyGamer reader LostSoviet for the tip off.

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  1. Adam Hepton #

    I never knew D2D was Murdoch. *strikes them off the list*

    • Lewie Procter #

      Aye, part of IGN.

    • Quijote3000 #

      So, being fair, you haven’t seen a single simpsons episode, ¿ correct? nor Futurama, or firefly… 😉

      • #

        The difference is that you can get exactly the same thing from another service, while with the examples in your post, you can only get similar shows at best.

    • Serious dealbreaker, really.

  2. Mac #

    Why would anyone choose to use D2D in any case … if you can get it cheaper elsewhere then do that, rather than deal with these guys.

    I’ve had to speak to their customer services twice and it has been a royal pain the arse both times.

    In addition, look at all of the people having problems registering to get COD:BO at the weekend – they were unable to buy it as D2D authentication process was broken – if they can’t even get that right, what hope is there for them? I wonder how many sales that fook up cost them?

  3. At least in my experience, D2D downloads tend to include DRM which in practical terms are *more* restrictive than your average Steam purchase, so I don’t find the specific rationale for taking advantage of the price match guarantee to be very convincing. I use D2D now and again and they’re decent and all, but I’d personally much rather get the game on Steam and thus be the owner of an (oftentimes) infinitely redownloadable gaming license rather than the occasionally rather miserable pile of secrets that is an archived and tightly DRM:ed game installation downloaded from D2D.

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