SavyGamer Game Night: Joe Danger

Tonight’s the first Game Night exclusively for PS3 players – we’re playing Joe Danger, the wacky stunt-bike-em-up just released this week on PSN. While the game doesn’t support multiplayer, it’s chock-full of leaderboards, and we’ll be using them to track our progress against each other.

So that we can see your scores, add both LewieP and Willeth on PSN with a note saying you’re a reader, and we’ll be able to collate all the scores that the community racks up during the night. We’ll be posting the leaderboard on here on Saturday, so you’ll want to get your times down as much as possible. You can also add each other to compare time, of course – just leave your PSN name in the comments for this post if you want to share scores with the rest of the SavyGamer clan.

We’ll be hanging out in the SavyGamer Steam chat room, in order to trash talk and organise a few scheduled runs on a specific stage. If you’re not part of the SavyGamer Steam group yet, why not? Go sign up!

We’ll see you out on the tracks!

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