SavyGamer Game Night: L4D2 – Chainsaw Massacre

Tonight is the second L4D2 night in a series of gaming nights with SavyGamer. We’ll be playing the newly-released Mutation in Left 4 Dead 2, entitled Chainsaw Massacre, and no matter if you’ve got L4D2 on PC or 360, you can jump into a game with us.

If you’re playing on PC, simply join the Steam group for SavyGamer and jump into Lewie’s lobby, or any of the many lobbies the community will be running.

If you’re playing on 360, add the Gamertag We R SavyGamers and use the friends-of-friends feature to find other people on that list to play with. In addition, if you’re on the 360 and you’ve played every Mutation so far, you’ll unlock a Gnome Chompski avatar item to show off.

Remember that you’ll need The Passing in order to play the Mutations in L4D2, so make sure that your game has updated through Steam or that you’ve purchased the game add-on on the 360 if you want to play with us. While the event starts officially at 7:30, feel free to get a group together earlier and chop up some guts.

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