SavyGamer Game Night: Red Dead Redemption

It’s that time again: SavyGamer Game Night! We’re playing Red Dead Redemption in Free Roam and in multiplayer matches. Simply add the Gamertag We R SavyGamers and use the friends-of-friends feature to find other people on that list to play with. We’ll be joining together in a posse and riding out Old West style.

While there’s isn’t any functionality for clans or metatags on the PS3, feel free to post your PSN usernames in the comments for this post and join up to play. Make sure you let us know how your night went afterwards, too! We start at 7:30 and we’ll be assaulting strongholds, hunting wild animals and picking flowers. You know, like real men do.

If you’re on the PC, join the Steam group for SavyGamer and play what you want! Join the chat and see what games are going.

We’ll see you out on the plains, cowboy.

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  1. mamac #

    PSN = r_johnstone_89

  2. Squire #

    PSN – TexasWilly

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