Victory is ours

We spoke and they listened.

Longtime SavyGamer readers may remember last year, after Ubisoft announced that they had stopped production on Beyond Good and Evil 2, we decided to take action.

We sent out a call to arms, to you, the gamers. No, you the people. We were not going to stand for this horrendous injustice.

We vowed to boycott the imagine series until Ubisoft would agree to continue work on BG&E2.

Well, it worked.

Ubisoft have taken note of our protest, and confirmed to Gamekult that BG&E2 has “always been in production”.

Proof, that if we take a stand, they will listen, well done folks. You can now buy as many of the imagine games as you want.

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  1. Adam Hepton #

    Thank Dog for that. I’ve had my eye on Imagine: Embalmer for months now.

  2. MacQ #

    lol @ Adam.

    On topic: That still doesn’t mean they were doing anything. Time will tll.

  3. #

    Disappointed in the lack of Imagine deals, tbh.

  4. Zilla360 #

    Aww, but I wanted Imagine : Unicorn Farmer waaay more than BG&E 2… 😛

  5. Will Tomas #

    Great news!

    In other news – since Nintendo are discontinuing Metriod Prime Trilogy for the Wii, any idea where the best place to get it cheap before it vanishes is?

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