BG&E2 "On hold", let’s take action!

If the word of some dude from Gamersyde on twitter is to be believed, it seems Beyond Good and Evil 2 has been put “on hold”.

We, the gamers, should take action, lets coordinate a response to Ubisoft to let them know that we will not accept them cancelling what is a massively anticipated title by gamers around the globe. Let’s hit Ubisoft where it hurts!

I propose that we boycott the “Imagine” series on the DS, Wii and PC.

The imagine series had already sold over 1 million by February of this year, no doubt thousands more since then. If we all take a stand and vow to never buy any more Imagine games, Ubisoft will be bound to notice the fall in sales, and maybe consider restarting production on BG&E2.

If you are with me, if you want to play BG&E2, and you vow to boycott the imagine series until Ubisoft have officially stated that work has started on BG&E2 again, then please, comment here in support.

I’ll be linking Ubisoft to this post.

Following recent developments, we are pleased to announce that the boycott is now suspended.

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  1. Conor #

    I fully support this boycott! Down with the system!

  2. Rakysh #

    I’m with you, Lewie. These next few months will be hard without Imagine: Fashion Paradise, but it will be all the sweeter for its arrival, concurrent with Beyond Good and Evil 2. My only problem then will be which to play first?

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