Superhot, PC/Mac/Linux – £2.74

Superhot, PC/Mac/Linux – £2.74

Registers on Steam.

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  1. Tom #

    “Paypal fees being higher, we cannot afford to pay them totally. Only 2€ remains at your charge,”

    Baulked at an additional €2 / £1.74 fee to use Paypal or punch in my credit card number. Paypal fees ain’t that high.

    They’re also listed as an Unauthorised Reseller down below, so just a leetle beet concerned about clicking through, but YMMV. Good luck.

  2. Derek Trousers #

    What a true royal pain in the rectum, ordering from Instant Gaming. If you’re new to the site they ask for a PHOTO TO BE EMAILED PROVING YOUR ID. And charge crackerjack prices to use PayPal. So when you use a credit card instead, they instantly sign you up to hiPay, complete with dodgy Engrish. And then freeze THAT account until you send that bleedin photo in.

    All rather unsettling.

    Superhot better be bleedin’ worth it.

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