Call of Duty: Modern Warfare: Remastered, PS4 – £32.99

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare: Remastered, PS4 – £32.99

Note: I’m not quite sure what the situation is here. It would appear that claim to have standalone codes for Modern Warfare: Remastered, which Activision said wouldn’t be a thing.

I don’t know where these codes come from. have a pretty excellent track record for customer service, but since (to the best of my knowledge) they aren’t getting these keys directly from Activision, it’s a little hard to gauge the specifics.

Based on my understanding of how Modern Warfare: Remastered will work – If these are codes taken from retail copies of the ‘Legacy Edition’ of Infinite Warfare, they would also require a copy of Infinite Warfare to function. If they are codes taken from digital copies of the ‘Legacy Edition’ of Infinite Warfare, it’s not entirely clear to me if this would be the case. I know that you wouldn’t need to have Infinite Warfare installed, but you might need to have it on your account. have a pretty solid track record in my view. If they are saying they will sell you a copy of Modern Warfare: Remastered, I’m inclined to believe them. If it ends up not going as planned, I’m reasonably confident that they’d take care of any customers to ensure you weren’t out of pocket, but it’s entirely possible purchasing this could lead to disappointment or hassle.

I’ve emailed them to get more details, but in the meantime, this could possible be a way to get Modern Warfare: Remastered without having to fork out full price for the Legacy Edition of Infinite Warfare.

Update: They replied to my email and confirmed that yes the codes will work standalone, and don’t require either a disc or a digital copy of Infinite Warfare to play MW remastered.

Unless they have inaccurate information, I think it should be fairly safe to order.

They also said that they hope to have more stock soon, but don’t know when that might happen.

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  1. Julian Lewis #

    So have there been any further updates around this topic.
    I’m interested to hear if people have actually purchased this and had no issues?


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