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Short version: Check it out! SavyGamer is on Patreon.

Long version:

We’re all friends here, so if you don’t mind, allow me to get real for a moment.

Firstly, I can’t emphasize how much I owe everyone who has used SavyGamer, and supported me in a variety of ways in the roughly 8 years I started on this journey.

Whether you’ve trusted me to inform you about the best gaming deals, recommended SavyGamer to other people who might find it useful, chucked me a few quid in my moments of need, or helped me out in any other way. None of it has been forgotten, and all of it has been appreciated.

It’s not something I particularly want to dwell on, but whilst I have had my dalliances with working for others in Games Media, the personal cost of trying to continue to do so is not worth the paltry pay and terrible job security. I’ve been chewed up and spat out too many times. I’ve not got it in me to go for another round in the ring. There are good people doing good work in games media, but I’m just not sure I fit into that machine. Not any more.

I do love writing about the world of video games, though. Particularly any opportunity I get to apply my understanding of business and the systems governing the relationship between creators and consumers. Typically the large corporations in the games industry have access to huge platforms, and mountains of resources, to push their ideas and interests. I see my role as a counter to this. I fight for the users.

In my opinion, consumer advocacy is lacking in many corners of games media. Certainly there are other areas that are important for media to focus on, and you’ll get a different interpretation of what “consumer advocacy” means whoever you ask, but this is where my expertise lie, and this is where I feel I can be most useful.

I currently earn an OK amount from SavyGamer. I’m not wealthy, and some months are better than others. I would describe my financial standing as being on the fringes of financial security, and I’ve struggled a bit since I decided I was done writing for anyone else. I’m well aware that this is a privilege by many standards, and I wouldn’t for a second disagree with anyone who decided they have better things to do than indulge my bourgeois career choice by giving me money to write words about video games.

However, I am hoping that there are enough people out there that have the disposable income to be in a position to commit to chucking me a few quid on a monthly basis, and who value my work enough to do so, that it’s worth me asking. Having an extra cushion of money I could rely on would allow me to feel far more secure, and it is something I am willing to work for.

Full details of what I’m offering can be read on the SavyGamer Patreon page. I am asking people to fund me writing articles on a regular basis, with a consumer advocacy focus, to be published here on SavyGamer for anyone to read, should they care to do so.

This Patreon is exclusively for funding me writing articles in addition to the work I do posting deals on SavyGamer. That work will be in no way limited or interrupted, and under no circumstances will there be any tiered service for SavyGamer. SavyGamer is and will remain entirely free of adverts.

Stick any questions you have in the comments, and I’ll try to address them.

Thank you, and much love,
Lewie Procter

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  1. Kuranghi #

    I’d really like to see an article about the whole AC:Unity locking content behind mobile app+online leaderboard (Club Competition – Which wasn’t active until 3 months after release!)/Cheats monetization via the “hacking” in game purchases. Ubi say they are for people who don’t have time to unlock the upgrades which I agree with, some people only get to play a few hours a week but why can’t they just use actual cheats codes like in the past. Although I don’t know how we can send a message to Ubi saying people that know you used to be able to cheat for free don’t like this practice, proabably via wallets, but I already barely get mine out these days.

    I paid 13 pounds for AC:Unity from, which at the time I thought was a steal but now its just a reasonable price for how janky/monetized and filled with unwanted online restrictions it is. It makes the game feel like a chore.

    Its complete bullshit for people who just want to play the game single-player/without internet. Is this something you care about?


    • Lewie Procter #

      It’s certainly a practise I find distasteful. I only think it’s seriously problematic if it is concealed until a later date though, I was aware of the stuff being gated off unless you used the companion app prior to release, and as such I decided not to buy the game.

      The way to send Ubisoft a message is to stop buying their games.

      There are games that don’t feature microtransactions, and are playable entirely offline. My best advice would be to play those instead of Ubisoft games.

    • Tom #

      The unfortunate thing is that people vote with their wallets! People are buying this type of DLC by the bucket load, and so UBI won’t stop this business practice any time soon.

      It’s a shame, but it’s the way money grabbing companies are starting to go nowadays, although we still have some beacons of light like Valve and CD Project Red.

      • Lewie Procter #

        If only Valve actually still made games.

        Also: Don’t forget Nintendo.

  2. Been following you for years Lewie, and you’ve saved me a load on games.

    I’ve always enjoyed the articles when you’d write them.

    We’re long past the point where you need to prove that Savygamer will be ad free. I think you’d have done that by now if you were going to.

    A few youtubers and game journalists have went the patreon route recently, and ended up really being able to speak more of their minds without the mindset of “Better not piss off the sponsors!”.

    I’ve backed you, and I hope others will, best of luck to you mate.

  3. Tristan #

    Savygamer has been invaluable to me over the years and I’ve always enjoyed your consumer advocacy articles. Any chance of an article on updated re-releases that contain content that really should have been in the original product? Or, at the very least, patched for free after release so as not to screw over early adopters? Sleeping Dogs, Dark Souls 2 and Deus Ex:HR spring to mind but I’m sure there’s other examples.

    Pledged. Best of luck, I’m looking forward to seeing what you come up with.

    • Lewie Procter #


      Good shout. I’ll stick that on my list of things to write about in the future.

  4. NK #

    Hi Lewie,
    Ive cancelled my paypal subscription and pledged. Ive included a larger amount per article compared to my sub (which was every month). Keep up the good work.

    • Lewie Procter #

      Much appreciated!

  5. Josh #

    My mates and I check this website daily for deals- we share the sentiment that it’s pretty invaluable. I’ll set up a donation when I get a chance, cheers for the work you put in.

  6. DY357LX #

    Forgive my ignorance, what does “per article” mean?

    Is there not a “per month” option to make things a little clearer?


    • Lewie Procter #

      From the Patreon page:

      My aim is to write roughly one article a month, but I will only be writing an article if there is something interesting for me to write about. In my mind, one of the great benefits to Patreon as a model is that I’ll never be in the situation of having to write an article on a subject that’s not all that interesting to me, or where I’ve not got anything particularly worthwhile to contribute.

      I’ll never charge more than once a month. In the event that I decide to write two things in a given month, I’ll only charge once. So if you are considering becoming a SavyGamer Patron, I’d recommend budgeting your contribution on the basis of it being a monthly charge, but in reality it could be less frequent than that (but never more frequent).

  7. Pete #

    Hey Lewie. If I may suggest, I’d be happy to chip in on the Patreon if that time/money would also partly be used for valuable improvements to the site rather than only supporting article writing and customer advocacy efforts.

    Primarily, some sort of tagging/filter system would hugely improve the site. Right now, if I want to find PlayStation Digital deals I have quite a lot of digging to do. Likewise for finding deals on console hardware without scrolling through lots of game deals.

    Some basic icons to visually differentiate platforms when skimming the front page would be beneficial too. Small improvements but they’d make things much easier for users looking for something specific, and potentially drive more affiliate link revenue for you.

    • Lewie Procter #

      Yes, I’d love to add functionality like this. It’s way beyond my meagre abilities, and I can’t afford to pay someone else to do it. Not now anyway. It’s a long term goal, but one that isn’t going to get addressed before I achieve “reasonable financial security”. Sorry, whilst I put a lot into keeping the service as comprehensive as possible, I know that the website’s structure isn’t best suited to the task.

      • Pete #

        Appreciate the reply Lewie, all makes sense.

  8. Kester #

    Must admit I’m not on here as much as I used to be (my game time is sadly limited and my back catalogue bloated, in no small part due to SavyGamer inspired bargains), but I love what you do. I subscribed when you first introduced it and I’ve put a bit on Patreon too now. I’m mainly interested in giving an honest chap the chance to do what he loves – the fact that you so rarely try to monetise SavyGamer but devote your working life to it shows your intentions and demands respect. Best of luck with this and whatever else you put your hand to!

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