An Update On This Mighty Deals Gift Voucher Thing

So then, as you may have seen, I recently featured a bunch of deals on SavyGamer involving procuring a stack of discounted gift vouchers from website

These deals relied on exploiting a loophole which I fully tested myself prior to posting, and had been able to confirm as working.

Sadly, subsequent to my posting it, mightydeals appear to have closed the loophole, leaving a bunch of people in a somewhat inconvenient limbo.

It seems that they have been cancelling some of the gift voucher purchases deemed to have been made by the same person. I’ve not received an email yet, but some people have received an email detailing the following:

Thank you for your recent purchase of the Curry’s High Street e-Giftcard.

So everyone can enjoy this fantastic deal we have limited the purchase to one per customer as per the deal terms we will be cancelling any duplicated purchases. It is one per customer, not one per email / Mighty Deals account created.

Only one ‘50% Off the high street gift voucher’ purchase is allowed per individual.

Any person buying multiple ‘50% off the high street gift voucher’ will have the transaction cancelled without further notice and the money refunded.

To see more please review the deal terms.

Mighty Deals and our partners will not be honoring your duplicated vouchers purchased. Your refund has been sent back to the original card you used to pay with and should be with you in the next 7 working days.

I knew that the worst case scenario according to the Mighty Deals terms and conditions would be that you’d be able to get a full refund, as such I figured that the potential savings more than offset the convoluted nature of the loophole.

I’ve looked into it a bit, and if you are affected by this, here’s my advice:

If you have no urgent need to get your refund processed quickly, my best advice is to sit tight and just wait to see how it plays out. It’s possible that some but not all of your gift voucher purchases will be fulfilled, and these might still be of use to you, even if it’s not enough to buy what you had planned to spend them on.

If you would like to get your refund as quickly as possible, I suggest contacting mighty deals directly here, and raise a dispute with paypal (or your bank, whichever you used to pay with).

If anyone has any more trouble, or anything else that they’d like me to try and clear up, please post in the comments here.

I’m always on the look out for a good loophole or trick to push things in SavyGamer users favour, but I never knowingly risk people wasting their money, and I always scrutinise a deal for the possibility of people losing out before posting it. I perhaps lean a bit more towards reckless rather than overcautious, since that’s where most of the best deals are to be found, but I hope no one feels too let down by this not panning out as we’d all hoped.

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  1. Donkeyfumbler #

    Just buy Steam/Itunes/PSN/Microsoft cards instead – no loss.

  2. James #

    Thanks for the update, I’d managed to get six the first day, I ordered another 4 but I’m not sure if I’ll be getting those.
    I wonder what part of the process gives it away that you’ve ordered more than one, IP checks could be got round but if they’ve got your payment details, it’s probably too much hassle to do anything about it.
    Good luck to those waiting on more vouchers!

    • James #

      Oh wait, when it says “Mighty Deals and our partners will not be honoring your duplicated vouchers purchased”, do they mean the eGift cards we’re redeemed won’t be accepted by Currys?

      • Lewie Procter #

        I’m unsure, but it’s pretty clear that if they are able to do that, it will only be if they are refunding you.

        I think most people’s purchases got cancelled or put on hold before vouchers were issued.

  3. HarryFabian #

    They refunded 21 of my PayPal purchases tonight & provided codes for another two. One missing, unsure if it’s worth logging in with every account to find out which one it is.

  4. 18 of my 20 PayPal purchases were refunded today.

    Since the two accounts that didn’t get refunds already show up as having never purchased a deal, I’ve gone through their support channel and said “I’ve changed my mind and want a refund” for those two.

    Intriguingly, the order shows up on the list in the support page, and shows up as purchased on the product page. But not on the deals page.

    While going through the support process, it displays that all vouchers come with a 7 day money back guarantee if you change your mind, but only if you haven’t spent the gift card (naturally!).

    This means two things:
    a) They can determine the value of the gift card;
    b) They (presumably) can void or revoke the balance on the gift card.

    tl;dr: Don’t be surprised when you walk in to Currys to find most/all of your vouchers worth nothing. I’ll find out on Saturday.

    No worries, Lewie. They can’t all work out. Thanks for keeping an eye on things, and for all the effort you put in. Keep fighting the cheap fight. 😉

    Oh, and I know it’s meagre, but I hope my SavyGamer subscription has been helping you out these last few months! My budget says I’ve given you a total of £4! So generous… 🙂

  5. Toonami #

    Has anyone gone to Currys and been told their vouchers don’t work? I would like to avoid this if possible so if it has happened to anyone, please share.

    • Turns out you can check the balance of the card via an automated free phone number: 0800 897163.

      Mine checked out OK.

  6. min3mat #

    Confirmed, be careful using multiple as stated by the owners of the website. If the person in store gives you trouble they need to “ADD GIFT CARD” not VOUCHER and type in the long code (not the PIN) into their machine.
    £10 of steam credit for a fiver. Laughing.

  7. ziggymon #

    The vouchers should be valid in store. I would be careful as to only use a handful at a time ( if anyone still has any). Also some of the larger stores sell amazon gift cards ironically.

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