The SavyGamer Replacement Laptop Fund

Update: My new laptop has been ordered, and is on the way. Thank you so much to everyone who contributed. I’m blown away by your generosity, helping me out in my hour of need. The donations I received amounted to 40% of the cost of the new one, and I can cover the rest myself. I’ll unsticky this post now, although if anyone is just seeing it for the first time, you can still contribute if you like. I’ll be sure to update this post if the total donated reaches 100% of the cost of the new laptop down the line. Thanks so much, I promise to continue to do everything I can to keep you informed about all the best gaming deals. <3 Not too long ago through my own clumsiness I managed to break my laptop. Sadly it wasn't covered by the warranty or by my house insurance. A laptop is a tool I need to run SavyGamer effectively, and without one I'm tied to only being able to post stuff when at my desktop. As such, I've just incurred the unexpected expense of buying a replacement. Luckily I have enough savings that this isn't going to negatively impact me too much, but I had earmarked that money for more important and more fun things. I figured that there might be a few SavyGamer users who, upon hearing about this situation, would want to contribute some money towards the replacement, hence this post. If you'd like to send a little bit of money my way, you can do so via this paypal button:


Please only contribute if you have plenty of disposable income. As I said, I’m asking for donations to make my life easier, not because I can’t get by otherwise.

If you’d like to help out, but are unable to contribute financially, I always appreciate it whenever you lot help spread the word, and recommend SavyGamer to anyone else who might find it a useful service.

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  1. Jaap #

    It’s not much, but I sent you something, now let’s hope more people are inclined to 🙂


    • Lewie Procter #

      Really appreciated. Thanks.

    • Tommy #

      I’ll join in on the fun 😀
      Lewie saved me enough of coins since I’ve been a PC gamer.

  2. Lewie you have saved me so much money over the years, and I recommend your site all the time.

    I have frequently spent money on brand new releases because of this site, and I’m happy to contribute towards your unexpected expense. Here’s to more years of savvy spending.

    Athan Immortal

  3. Joshua Haugh #

    I’ll tell you what might make me and others donate, what’s the price of laptop you’re proposing to buy or is there any price range? If I knew that I’d probably at the very least donate 1-5% of what you’re looking at price wise.

    • Lewie Procter #

      It’s a £700 laptop.

      • Joshua Haugh #

        Alright, think I can spare around 7 quid.

      • Anon #

        It’s one thing to ask for a little help when you say you NEED the device and ask for donations.
        It’s another to set your sights so high and buy a £700 device.


        • Lewie Procter #

          I’m not sure I understand what your problem is. I’m not expecting to receive the full amount, I’m just asking for contributions. I’ll be making up the rest myself.

          I’ve tried to be upfront about the situation so people can make an informed choice.

          If you or anyone else has any hesitance about donating, I’d strongly recommend keeping hold of your money. I just wrote this post so that people who would want to help me foot this unexpected bill had a chance to do so.

          • Chris #

            Don’t worry about it Lewie, clearly anon mis-interpretted your suggestion as a demand.

            Or perhaps he/she understands there is no obligation to do such things and is instead being jealous that you can go out and get an awesome laptop. Personally last time i needed to get one I had no choice but to opt for the cheapest i could find*.

            *(although have to say that a 15.6″ touchscreen 8gb RAM dual core (amd’s latest a4 series not the crap ‘e’ stuff 500gb hdd for £170 was fantastic for the price 😀 )

            But I digress….. just keep posting fantastic prices and even the pessimists can’t complain about your personal investment in this site.

        • Zahpeter #

          Somebody call the internet police, someone just posted a message on their on fracking site and i don’t like that message.
          Seriously, why bother posting this ? Nobody is forcing nobody to pay the said laptop. I for one don’t have a dime to spare, and £700 is quite honestly over 2 times the average wage where i live. So..i just won’t donate. Nobody will ban me or look at me in an angry way when i’ll visit the UK and meet with the savygamer comunity for a drink.
          Somewhat unrelated, i know Lewie gets 1-5% from each spending visitor (i might be wrong, but i remember these figures from another post). I’d be curious to learn how much this ammounts to each month. Even if he’d make milions he’d be entitled to post whatever he wants for his more hardcore fans to support him, so it’s only my curious nature wondering this.

          • Lewie Procter #

            I earn a somewhat below average UK salary from SavyGamer. In the past I’ve supplemented this with freelance writing for other games sites, but I don’t really do any of that any more.

            SavyGamer does seem to get more popular each year though, and the organic growth in usage equates to a gradually increasing salary.

            I’m not that materialistic though, getting to do a job that I love, where I am my own boss, is worth more to me than a higher salary at a job I didn’t like would be.

          • Zahpeter #

            Cheers for answering, i’m a curious person. Hope you’ll enjoy your laptop 😀

        • Andy #

          In all honesty you cant really get a super nice laptop for £700. More something midrange and heavy. The ultra light high spec laptops tend to be well over £1250 (like the Lenovo X1’s, the Macbook Pro’s and the Alienware latops)

          I’m actually surprised Lewie isn’t setting his sights higher

          • Lewie Procter #

            I’m pretty good at finding good deals. You don’t think I’m going to be paying rrp do you?

          • Andy #

            Didnt for a second think you’d pay RRP 🙂 Do share the details if you can!

  4. Ben #

    Although it by no means matches the absolute killing you’ve saved me on games in the past, i hope my own donation will help in a small way!

  5. farthocher #

    Have a tenner mate. Hey what laptop are you aiming for?

  6. Scab #

    I dont have any disposable income but I’m donating anyway, that’ll teach Lewie!

  7. Daniel Bonomo #

    You’ve saved me plenty of money. It’s not much, but I’ve donated a fiver, as it’s all I can spare at the moment. I hope it all adds up and helps out a bit. Best of luck!

  8. Dragoon #

    Only fair to give back when you gave so much first. I wanted to donate a long time ago anyway, as I saved so much money earlier thanks to SavyGamer.

  9. ziggymon #

    Donated £20 for you Lewie. Be sure to check out the clearance section of John Lewis at returned/ex displayLaptops, get loads of really new models all with 2 year JL guarantee and huge discounts.

    • chrisj #

      Wait, you’re trying to teach Lewie how to get good deals on PC stuff? Isn’t that a bit like preaching to the Pope? 🙂

  10. Lurchibles #

    Would donate if I wasn’t completely broke (like unable to buy Hotline Miami for 65p level of broke!) Thanks Lewie for all the money you’ve saved me, you know, when I’ve had some 🙂

  11. Whelp #

    Have five quid. I’m unemployed but I can’t imagine the horror of living without a proper computer. Hope it helps 😉

  12. I hope £20 helps, you’ve saved me quite a lot of money over the years!

  13. Will #

    If we donate $17,000 do we get an extra hour in the ballpit?

  14. stereospell #

    Even though you’ve already ordered your new laptop I’ve sent over a few quids to help out a bit more. Hope you reach 100%. What laptop did you order btw?

  15. James #

    Take a tenner from me, keep up the good work..

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