Titanfall, PC – £14.27

Titanfall, PC – £14.27

Using Hola unblocker, access origin.com from Mexico. Search for “Titanfall”. Go through the purchasing process, and disable Hola once you are asked to log in with your Origin details.

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  1. The season pass ~£10.10 from there as well. I’m considering it.

  2. Went and did it. Worked out at £10.40 using Pay Pal.

  3. Esroh #

    I was kinda worried about using Hola, but it was super simple and took only a few minutes. Worked perfect. Thanks!

  4. Ben #

    Thanks for the heads up! Just grabbed BF4 for myself and my Dad for £14 each, bargain!

  5. Zahpeter #

    Dragon Age:Inquisition Deluxe @45 usd, lovely, had no ideea you can buy like this on Origin.

  6. KojakWeb #

    Amazing! Took advantage to pick up both Titanfall and Battlefield 4 with their respective season passes for @ £61.

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