Thief, PC – £14.99

Thief, PC – £14.99

Apply coupon “5OFFTHIEF”.

Registers on Steam.

Cheers NimbusTLD for the tip off.

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  1. ran93r #

    Nice find, ordered.
    Cancelled my preorder with GMG which might be fun, they have been a bit dickish in the past with order cancellations.

  2. Rob Dixon #

    I was as worried as the next person about the dubious reveals of Thief 4, which at times seemed like it may have more in common with Serious Sam than with the original franchise that we have grown to love. But having seen the latest 17-minute trailer of a real playthrough of the first level I am much more hopeful. Take a look yourself here

    Anyway the £15 is spent, and I’m wondering what the Bank Heist Edition is, because that’s what they say I have bought. I’m just hoping it’s not another Dungeon Keeper

    • Beatwolf #

      I´m pretty sure the Bank Heist edition just includes an extra mission about a bank heist.

    • Ken O'Rourke #

      Thanks to OP and to you for posting that video. I was on the fence about this as well. Loved the Thief series back in the day but was very wary about this one. That video has put my mind at ease and paying only 19euro for a pre-order is worth a gamble.

      Tis a steal.

      I’ll get my coat.

  3. feix #

    Cheap Steam keys tend to look like muddy waters, but this site seems almost expensive, so I guess it’s no grey zone. Besides, they really can’t have enough Thief preorder deals, it seems…

  4. ER #

    Urgh, after your purchase they require you to share a photo of your driver’s license as verification.

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