PlayStation Meeting: Sony are lending me an ear

Here’s an interesting turn of events.

Sony’s Shahid Kamal Ahmad recently reached out to me to request a meeting, so that he could “pick my brain” about various different topics relating to how they conduct their business.

He wants to discuss topics such as pricing, their relationship with developers, their store policies, and more.

I’ve already got a bunch of topics in mind that I’d like to discuss, I think I’ve got quite a few suggestions that would be useful to help them better serve their customers, but I bet you lot have also got ideas for changes you’d like to see in how PlayStation operates. Please share any of these in the comments here, and I’ll be sure to bring them up if I think they’re good ideas. We’re meeting on Thursday the 23rd of January, so get your comments in before then.

I’d never want to give any platform holders preferential treatment, I fight for the users. I’m more that happy to have a conversation of this nature with Sony, and my number one priority will be to argue the case for whatever I believe is best for consumers, but I’d be just as happy to have similar conversations with any of the other platform holders should they ever want to talk to me.

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  1. Gary Fleming #

    Sane digital pricing from day one. I’d love to go all-digital this generation but pricing isn’t even remotely close on PSN. £60 for games that are £40 or less elsewhere. I just picked up a Tomb Raider PS4 preorder for £34. I expect it to be nearly double that digitally.

    • Gary Fleming #

      As a way of enabling this, maybe it’d be worth rolling out digital downloads to more retailers? The PSN store on Amazon in the US seems pretty reasonable. The UK version doesn’t have PS4 stuff yet (as far as I can see). I’d like to see that improved, and more retailers able to sell digital copies of games. I imagine that’ll help digital pricing; the presence of some actual competition, assuming the wholesale rates are in-line with physical.

  2. For the most part I feel that Sony are doing a good job. Playstation Plus is a great service, and their consoles are incredibly promising, despite missing some necessary exclusives for Vita and PS4.

    I think one area where Sony could do better is the prices of their digital downloads. When it’s considerably cheaper to buy a physical copy than a digital, the choice is obvious for most gamers.

    Out of interest, what points do you plan to raise with Sony during this meeting?

  3. mumbo_jumbo_au #

    Very interesting.
    My two bobs would be having consistent global pricing. For example, the US PS store has a very good “14 for 14” sale (that is very close to rivaling Steam prices) at the moment but is only running for US account holders only. I understand that some of these prices are because of publisher demands, but it would be nice to not feel left out because of a geographic location.

  4. Chris #

    Sony’s pricing on PSN for PS3 and Vita is quite competitive actually. Tearaway and Killzone both launched for under the RRP on the store. But of course many other retailers cut those prices even further. They can’t be expected to compete with those sort of deals.

    3rd party prices on PSN are outrageous though.

    One thing I’d like to see more of is getting more games localised from Japan in the case of Vita. The retail library is pretty small compared to the competition but in Japan the library is much bigger, they need to get more of these games over here.

    I would like to see prices drop for digital games on the Vita, when the same game launches on iOS for £1.99 and then is priced at £7.99 on Vita it doesn’t hit the same impulse purchase button.

  5. Reader #

    I have no questions to ask, just want to wish you good luck! sounds like it could be the start of something new and awesome for your career as a consultant.

  6. ran93r #

    As above, digital pricing needs to be the same if not cheaper than retail, especially for third party titles which are completely fucking stupid most of the time. £52.99 for the PS4 version of Injustice, compared to around £39 on Amazon for a disc copy (which in itself I find too high). PS4 retail game prices overall, why so high?

    Any movement on account (user) name changing?

    As a PS+ subscriber for over a year, I’m very pleased with where Sony are sitting at the moment.

    You won’t get an answer to this but Playstation Now. I can wait for the EU rollout, I’m a patient man. What I would like to know is, are we going to have to pay another sub to use the service, will we have to pay for games individually, will we have to pay to play games we already own on the PS3?

    Ideally I would like to be able to throw in the PS3 disc and free stream it on the PS4. If I have to pay an extra sub (small) for this, that’s fine. We know the PS4 can see the PS3 discs as that’s how it’s doing its PS3>PS4 upgrade checking. I will be quite disappointed if I have to pay again for each game I already own.

    • Mark #

      Fairly high prices from my understanding is perhaps of the up keep cost for keeping the servers running (disk is already there pre-load to reuse again and again) and probably because they can, i.e they take all profits whereas for retail there is a cut and bulk buying discounts.

      “Ideally I would like to be able to throw in the PS3 disc and free stream it on the PS4. If I have to pay an extra sub (small) for this, that’s fine. We know the PS4 can see the PS3 discs as that’s how it’s doing its PS3>PS4 upgrade checking. I will be quite disappointed if I have to pay again for each game I already own.”

      This is unlikely as PSNow is another service, same with digital which again is another service which will have their costs associated with it. As with digital, if you buy a physical copy you will not get the digital copy, same with ports of games between the consoles (with exception of the promotional upgrade to encourage sales due to new console release); thus highly unlikely you will get access to a game you already own on PSNow.

      There are two things I would like to see:

      > Fix that download list in PSN, I started getting alot of games from PS Plus and side digital purchases. It’s a nightmare going through that list to find a game to download.
      > More games! The main reason I’m getting the console! I would like to see more localised goodness like niche games from Japan. Perhaps costs will be saved it just digital if worried about retail sales and costs, a game plus patch by sony’s own localisation studio is well acceptable in exchange for having access to a game that probably won’t see light and day here. Eg. Yakuza, Gundam and Macross 30 and SRW series. From what I’m aware they are adding japan language in form of patch with lip sync for new FFX-3 so entirely do-able.
      > There is also issues with localisation and content, would love it to be universal which will save the headaches for many accounts like access to JPN demos, games, etc. There is also issue of some PSOne games available on NA but not here like Chrono Trigger, although wasn’t released in UK originally =p

  7. Duke Voodoo #

    I’d like to suggest that the price of Vita memory cards have seriously impacted many gamerr’s decision to get behind the console. They’re just far too expensive for a mainly digital platform. I understand that they are viewed as key peripherals in the same vein as controllers and are therefore a markup item for Sony, but all this does, I feel, is drive folks away from what is a fantastic platform. Larger capacities at significantly cheaper prices would be a good step in the rigt direction, as with the expanding library the Vita is poised to become a superb portable retro device in addition to it’s many other strengths, However the limits of storage pricing curbs many gamers’ desire to embrace it as such.

    Thanks Lewie for giving us the opportunity to chip in, good luck with the meeting..

    • 100% agree with this – I’ve often been about to hit ‘buy’ on a Vita, only to see how ridiculously expensive the memory cards are, and stopped. I can’t be the only one.

  8. Semiskimmed #

    I think plus is fantastic and would like it to carry on being that way on all 3 machines its active on.
    I agree with the comments about pricing of games but to also throw in a note about the sales available. The store, in short – theyre usually pretty poor! Even with a plus discount theyre mostly way off of what the games actually worth for its age etc. I would love to see sales akin to that of Steam’s where the games are cheap but sell in a higher volume rather than less purchases for a high price.


  9. Dave Snell #

    Hi Lewie, First of all, congrats on being approached, ti really shows how much notice Sony take of your website and work, so a big well done.
    I’d like to understand two things – firstly, why can’t they work harder to align the Plus drops in each region? EU feels short changed compared to what our NA brethren get, as we often get less, and much later. Also, the decision to drop one of the three changing titles seems to diminish the value of the package somewhat (especially when we get “deals” such as Grid 2 and Guacamelee – one a boring racer, the other an – admittedly fun – retro indie title). Odd that, again, the US seemed to miss this too….
    Second, as said so often before – the pricing – with most popular news outlets being US based, it doesn’t escape most EU owners that we get royally stiffed on the “exchange rates” Sony employs (in pounds, and especially Euro). Couple this with worryingly high digital prices and Sony must surely be aware there is a lot of discontent this side – perhaps they could find a way of better representing this, both in terms of real prices, and the discounts offered.
    I guess a better understanding of how the streaming model will work, can we transpose our libraries, etc., would be awesome too, but I am assuming this is all being saved for a later conference. I’d probably upgrade the day the launch the Now service over here if I can take my library with me. Anyways, good luck dude, and one more time, well done!

  10. This is coming from the point of view of someone who’s last PS console was a PS2/PSP, but is all but certainly buying a PS4 when the time is right. The PS4 and Sony’s approach to this gen so far have been very impressive and endearing. Looking at the release schedule for this year is slim pickings though – there’s nothing on there that I can’t get on my PC (Alien, Octodad). While this is a good thing (exclusives are bad, really, but I know they’re necessary) it’s also not a good reason to buy a PS4 – something I am sorely wanting to do. Of course, this will change when Uncharted eventually comes out.

    I’ve been spoiled by PC gaming and the quality and prices of games there. Therefore, a lot of the things weighing on my decision as a new PS4 user is cost.

    The price on my mind is Playstation Now. They’ve mentioned it’ll be a subscription, so making that a reasonable price is paramount. Look at Netflix – £7 for all you can want. Price it right, and people will come knocking. When it includes games on PS1/2 etc – they don’t really make any money from those today anyway, so the price doesn’t NEED to be extortionate. £30 a month will be too much, £10 or less a month and i’ll be on board.

    Sony have already been very reasonable with pricing from what I’ve seen – PS+ has a lot of good deals and seems priced well. However, as a non PS user, the PS+ free games every month are very badly communicated – now a friend has explained to me how it works, I’ve realised what a great deal it is. Better communication on that and keeping up the good work would be good. If I’d have known you KEEP the games after you’ve ‘bought’ them I would have become a PS+ user a long time ago.

    PS: Make a good Vita + PS4 bundle.

  11. Mitch_UK #

    Need better store comms.

    Counter Strike Go is still not on EU PS Store with no answers. There has also been an odd issue with Resident Evil 2 on PSN. It was Vita compatible, then someone complained on the PS Blog that they couldn’t access Disc 2. Alarmingly the staff didn’t know how to access the PS1 settings on Vita and game was pulled for nearly a year. It then went back up, and has again been removed for Vita.

    I know most comments sections are filled with angry fools, but it does feel like a lot of the same issues haven’t been sorted in seven years.

    Take store update time. You have developers and publishers telling customers games will be out at some point on release day. Would be great to know why mornings aren’t targeted for publishing.

    Also get him to sort out the download list while you’re there and don’t leave till there are filters for platforms and content types 🙂

    Have a good meeting.

  12. Steve #

    Go with a ditpgital download model like IOS pricing. I have spent a fortune on iphone and ipad apps, but only ever downloaded one game on my vita. If back catalogue games were sensible pricing, i would have bought at least 10 psp games for my vita. As it stands, my vita is unused apart from the occasional game of EDF. Online downloads for a quid would make a masive difference, because id buy so much stuff on impulse. I must have spent over 500 quid last year on apps.

    • Iain Lambert #

      Got to disagree there – while Humble and Steam mean I buy a tonne of cheap PC games I’ve almost given up on iOS gaming, because the race to the bottom on pricing means everything is full of IAP and/or advertising that just make it a horrible, horrible experience.

  13. Iain Lambert #

    It’s basically seconding what others have said, but I’m constantly hearing good things about the Vita, and it sounds like the console for me (with a newly buffed-up PC the PS4’s appeal is purely because Drive Club will be an exclusive). But Steam and iOS have me trained to download my games, not cart around little pieces of plastic. The prohibitive size of memory cards is the big turn-off on this – unlike PS4 the Vita store prices aren’t bad at all.

  14. JamesM #

    Offline split screen games! I guess I’m a bit older but am so disappointed by the lack of offline multiplayer games – I like nothing better than gaming with my friends round at my house yet everything seems to be orientated towards online gaming (which I understand and use) but it would be good to have more games like dead nation etc using couch co-op.

    On the whole I think PS+ etc is very good but like others have mentioned the digital pricing of games is no where near good enough on new releases which stops me buying from the store.

  15. Joe #

    I have to say, as a vita owner I have mixed feelings of sony lately. The memory cards combined with largely unreasonable digital priced in the EU- and terrible sales in comparison to the US (look at the 14 for 14 sale right now. Why don’t we get that if steam can be global?) really put me off buying digital. Which is a terrible shame because that’s exactly what I want to do.

    Another thing, Terraria on the vita costs double the price the version on the PC cost almost 3 years ago. Porting something does not mean double the price for less content. I do worry for future games.

    All that said, the vita is a great piece of kit and the library is really going in the right direction at the moment. It’s good to see sony engaging with smaller studios and getting their presence on the machine.

    • Joe #

      I have to say- sony are beating Nintendo and Microsoft at digital distribution in a big way (Nintendo games are always a full £5-10 more digital than physical in my experience). PS+ is a great idea but with the vita memory card issues and the lacking offerings in the EU It’s not worth the money for me.

  16. James Dyson #

    I would like to know what the future holds regarding servers being shutdown like that of GT5 and how this move is justified after customers have paid for a game to play online and will no longer be able to regardless of updated versions/version of the game. Thanks

  17. DavLav #

    Not sure if it’s anything Sony can do much about but losing my China Rising DLC when I upgraded from PS3 Battlefield 4 to the PS4 verson made me very cross (especially as the official battlefield 4 twitter feed stated that it would carry over). I understand there was a similar issue with AssFlag. It’s an issue that’s going to go away anyway once the generational switchover is complete but it still felt like a bit of a kick in the face reward for being an early-adopter.

  18. CW #

    I think we need better parity between regions on sales. In the current 14 for 14 US sale, Tales of Xillia is $10 for PS+ subs. In the recent PAL PSN sale it’s been about £31 for PS+ subs.

    Of course it’s relatively easy to import digital games from US PSN these days, but I generally prefer to support games released domestically when I can because Europe usually gets the shaft on Japanese games, so I import as a last resort (not usually related to price, but availability) because I think encouraging local distributors to take a risk on these games is generally a good idea.

    I also think they should let us have multiple PSN accounts on our Vita. Some people like to change their online identity at some point or another, but are hamstrung because they don’t want to lose their portable games. Also, I want to import US-only games like Persona 2 Eternal Punishment.

    Besides that, the usual gripes: digital/physical price parity (digital game prices should be sane), better — and more frequent/regular — sales, and hopefully a quick death to the £10 next-gen tax, because I don’t remember games in America going up from $60 to $70. It’s disgusting that £10 has been added to game RRP, just because they thought they could get away with it. It certainly makes me less likely to purchase a game until it’s crashed in price.

  19. Joshua Haugh #

    I’m not sure if anyone else has suggested this, and this isn’t exactly related to pricing, but more so it leads into them actually getting purchases from the PlayStation Store.

    They seriously need to sort out their actual search function which is inferior to the previous store, searching by 1 letter then popping all the way back up to the top again instead of an onscreen keyboard is far from being intuitive.

    The same thing goes with their download management list of items owned on our accounts, why do we need to scroll through hundreds instead of having a search function built in to filter the results down? Trust me, these 2 things alone if improved/implemented would have a beneficial factor for consumers such as us, and in the long run, will be better for Sony too, profit and word wise.

    But more relevant to the topic on hand…they need to fix the pricing on their store for new games, £55 for launch is an actual joke and is most of the time, one of the most expensive options when they can distribute as many digital licenses as they want to. No need for wasting plastic on discs and boxes, and paper for the manuals, that is just easily done digitally anyway and the price should reflect for something like Steam and other Digital outlets have.

    Also, they seriously need to have more sales going on, I mean, that is what gets units moving. More sales will definitely provide better income in the long run, and this has been proven time and time again on some of the major digital outlets, of course, they need to do a mixture of reasonable and possibly crazy-type sales to experiment with their audience.

    We know digital is literally going to be the majority of where we purchase our games/music/movies in the very near future wiping out most or all physical media, so the sooner they straighten out and streamline their digital store’s experience, the better. I know I’m not alone in thinking this, and I’m pretty sure most would agree.

    • Gary Fleming #

      +1 The search is terrible on their site.

  20. deadfolk #

    Pricing. This is the big one for me. PS4 games in Ireland are between €60 and €70 digitally, and pretty much the same at retail.

    It’s really hard to justify that when I can get the Steam version in most cases for €50 at launch – and that’s without shopping around.

    And Vita memory cards. We need bigger and cheaper. I can’t get the most out of my vita, because a decent sized memory card is 3x the cost of a full retail game. Really stops me buying Vita games digitally.

  21. deadfolk #

    Ooh – and classic games unavailable in Europe. Still waiting for Suidoken, Xenogears and others.

  22. Neria #

    I’ll like to bring up a topic that is doesn’t seem to be widely discussed: that of region locking of content on the PS3 and Vita. Wait, you say, aren’t they region free? Not quite, it turns out. I’m from Singapore, so my Vita and PS3 have an Asia PSN account. I got burned in importing a (new) US copy of Wipeout 2048, not only can I not use the online pass, I cannot access Wipeout HD that I own on my PS3 on my Vita due to the region lock on all digital contents.

    The thing is, if I import a game, I can’t use the online pass, buy DLC or redeem any DLC that comes in the box, even if they exist on the store and are the same language version. This matters, as Asia is a smaller market with old games being often out of print. On the other hand, the region free games on the Xbox 360 have no such issues.

    What this means is that I am actually actively discouraged from buying new. This is because if I buy used (from my region), at least then I can buy DLC and online passes that will work.

    What I am saying is that this nonsensical region lock only hurts everyone, from Sony and devs not being able to sell DLC and players not being able play online, redeem DLC that they have already bought and buy DLC for games they love.

    Yes, I do realise there is a workaround for the PS3, where you get multiple accounts and buy PSN cash cards. But that is just stupid, and there is no workaround for the Vita.

    I understand that there are often licensing issues that prevent store parity (in terms of contend) between regions. However, region locking content that is available in all the regions in question is just stupidity and reeks of incompetence.

    In short: if I buy a region free game on the 360 (from say the US or the EU) I can use their online pass, redemn any DLC that comes with it and buy DLC that is avaliable from Xbox Live in my country.

    If I buy a “region free” game on the PS3/Vita that is not from my region, I am barred from playing online if it comes with an online pass, I cannot redeem DLC and I cannot buy DLC that will work with my copy even though it exist in PSN Asia.

    Hopefully this mess can be cleared up as soon as possible.

  23. Neria #

    I would like to bring up another point, that of missing games from PSN Asia. I understand for third party games, the licensing is up to them and Asia gets shafted because we are a small market. However, there are games that are published by Sony like Dexter, Racket and Clank : Deadlocked HD, Jak and Dexter HD collection (for Vita) which are missing from PSN Asia.

    There are also some Nippon Ichi Software (NIS) PSP games in English that are missing from PSN Asia, while their Japanese versions can be found. I asked NISA to fix it, and I was told that SONY Asia was responsible for bringing their titles over. And I did inform SONY Asia about this, except I got only an automated reply that did nothing.
    To clarify, on PSN Asia, Prinny 2: Dawn of Operation Panties, Dood! and Phantom Brave: The Hermuda Triangle (English version) does not exist (the full game), only the Japanese versions exist. On the other hand, Disgaea 2: Dark Hero Days has both English and Japanese version on PSN Asia, but only the Japanese version has DLC. So SONY, do something about this.

    So please SONY, I love my PS3 and Vita, but getting shafting me because of my country is not doing you any favours.

    P.S. I forgot to mention this for my previous post: saves are region locked (and presumably cross saves as well)

  24. somebodyelse #

    Proper depreciation of digital titles. I can understand the games coming just (slightly) lower than RRP at launch, but keeping the price there indefinitely is silly. There’s not much Sony can do for third parties, but suggesting them to look at sales over time might convince them to rethink their pricing strategies (for example, I wouldn’t ever buy a game full price unless I was dying to play it. I might give a 25€ game a chance if it seems my cup of tea, but for a tenner or less, I’m willing to try most anything)

    That, and better communication about the release of niche titles. There have been titles put out for the Vita without even a mention on the blog, or any kind of push whatsoever (the Atelier remakes). Also, 40€ for a digital Vita title is nuts.

  25. ziggymon #

    Hey congrats on getting the meeting. I have a few questions for Sony,

    1. With the arrival of the Amazon and GAME Playstation Digital stores, what is the future roadmap for Sony with regards to competitive pricing on its digital games against 3rd party PSN stores?
    2. I would like to ask if Sony are planning to return the weekend/week only deals to the EU PSN store?
    3. Are there any future plans to continue with the PS3-PS4 trade up program as an incentive for potential PS4 customers this year?

    Thank you

  26. Something that I bet would increase their sale numbers is just if their store performed better. It’s awfully jerky and slow, even on the PS4. I would assume that this is a combination of a bad web rendering engine and a poorly optimised site. Given the same site runs great even on a quite modest PC in Firefox, I’d pin the blame more on the former.

    Certainly, I’ve made more impulse buys on the WiiU store (which runs great, surfaces content with fewer interactions and plays catchy music) than I have on the PSN store, despite how little worthwhile content there is on it.

    Let them know that Mozilla would almost certainly be happy to port Gecko (the Firefox rendering engine) to the PS4 🙂 (ftr, I work for Mozilla)

  27. Saltire #

    PS Vita – I don’t even look at it because the memory card necessity AND pricing are ridiculous.

    Digital download pricing is also ridiculous, on all sides. The first one who figures out that cheaper digital downloads will kick start a truly digital console generation will be a clear winner.

    Patches. They are awful on PS, and across all consoles, why do I need to patch a new digital download? Save me time and effort, have my new download patched and ready to play immediately please.

  28. Natalie Amos #

    Possibly already mentioned in one of the other comments (don’t have time to read through right now), but working to get PS4 versions of PS3 games that are coming out would be great. For example, if Dark Souls II were available on PS4 I would be going for that version for the ease of sharing, but as it isn’t, I’m going for PC where I can at least take screencaps.

    As others have mentioned it is slim pickings right now. I would especially like to see some Japanese staples like JRPGs on the upcoming releases list, but seeing how late Japanese studios often are to the party, I don’t expect to be seeing things like that soon. PS4 version of the upcoming Tales of Zestiria would be awesome, but I know, unlikely.

    Agree with all mentions of the cost of digital games at release (although I think I have heard this is to give retail shops a buffer period to remain relevant). Also Nthing the Vita memory card pricing issue. Maybe a PS Plus subscription could be bundled with them for free? I liked the idea behind the existing game bundles, I think that’s going in the right direction.

  29. Raigan #

    Please, please put the store icon on the main PS4 bar, not hidden at top. Most games are going to be bought digitally, having the store be the leftmost entry on the main bar rather than buried up in the options/utility menu would make a lot more sense. (I’m saying this as a ps4 dev who wants the ps store to perform better than it has in the past)

    As others have mentioned, the store is pretty terrible (search works amazingly but that doesn’t help discoverability), having an unresponsive runs-at-10fps experience on that hardware is inexcusable! Also: Amazon may have patented one-click but that doesn’t mean I should have to execute 10+ button presses to buy and download a game.

    Even better: redesign the whole ps4 menu UI to be more useable, eg: keep the order stable so I know where each of my downloaded games is and don’t have to hunt for where they’ve been moved to; a vertical list like ps3 so I can see more than 6 things at once – when you have 100+ downloaded games the current ps4 UI is going to be a nightmare! And/or allowing me to group things in folders or pages would be a massive help.

    Also: please get rid of the crap that comes pre-installed which pollutes the main bar (eg playroom) – it reminds me of buying a laptop and having it loaded up with tons of garbage programs. At least let me hide/delete things that I will never use.

    Finally: why do the controllers still not go to sleep automatically?! This was the one big thing I loved about 360 over ps3, I didn’t have to manually power the damn things off if I decided to step away for a break. Even worse, turning off a controller is now buried behind two extra layers of menus! It’s a bit insane: adjust devices>ds4>turn off… this is a very frequently used command which should be on the main page when you hold the ps button.

    Sorry if this is a bit ranty… I just feel like the UI is bit of a step back from ps3 in some ways, which is frustrating.

  30. Mark #

    Out of all the companies, Sony has been one of the best in terms of how they conduct their business.

    – PS+ Free Games are an unbelievable bonus and they should keep it up. Honestly, without this I probably would have stuck with the Xbox One (I was a 360 owner, and loved it).
    – Region Free Hardware/Hard Copies is also very important.
    – Even though its now compulsory for multiplayer, the pricing for PS+ is just about okay where it stands right now (but only looks like that if Free Games continue) and I’m happy to fork out this amount per annum.

    – Region Locked PS Store, Can’t access same deals/games as US accounts and I was unable to redeem any of my codes (which came with a US box). I expect that Playstation Now will have similar issues.
    – Pricing, In Australia, new retail releases come at 105AUD (both Xbox and PS), which is almost double the US retail price. Considering that Australia has free trade with the US, has a GST of 10% and there shouldn’t be major shipping costs due to the small size/weight of games, why the price is this high is beyond me (besides mutual greed). I’m sure the issue is the same over in Europe.
    – DLNA support, I read somewhere that they are planning to put it in post-patch but until then this is a major issue for myself, and many of my friends, because we use our consoles as global media devices for our home. I am tired of having to switch to my Xbox 360 in order to watch a digital download or play music (which I shouldn’t have to pay for again) in my home.

  31. eddie o'hanlon #

    If possible, I’d like to be able to access I’ve purchased from other regions on my vita.e.g. I have purchased ps1 games off of the US store for use on my ps3.I’d also like to play them on my vita. I also have PC Engine games on my Hong Kong account that I would like to play.

    I would like to see reductions on sale price similar to that of US PSPlus users.The sale price for these users is usually 75% off the original rrp.

    I would like the removal of the 100 icon limit on the vita too.I’m pretty close to the limit just now, and have my eye on a number of vita games due out later this year, thanks to Shahid!

    Good luck with your meeting.

  32. Illuminatatus #

    Nice one for getting this meeting dude! I love that one of the big guns is paying attention to your particular brand of savy social justice. Proves how amazing at doing what you are doing 😀

    Anyway, any queries i had have been mentioned above. I wanna know when ps4 is gonna get mp3 support! I wanna be able to play nfs rivals and listen to my own choons at the same time off a usb stick! 360 did this perfectly, ps3 did it for some games. Surely ps4 can handle it?

  33. excel_excel #

    Will we ever have 60Hz PS1 titles on the store?

  34. two words – universal store!

  35. MechaGK #

    Now we’re adding things like a universal store, which seems quite unlikely, I would like to add changing country for a PSN account, just within the same region?

  36. Sparkalade #

    Well done and good luck with this! I think Shahid and Sony in general are doing great things indeed.

  37. Ian #

    I have many gripes with the PSN store front. I wont list them all here but my main gripe is this:
    I find it very difficult to manage my PSN game library. By this, I mean games I have purchased over PSN or downloaded for free via PS Plus that are NOT on my hard disk.

    The list is not easy to get to or very user-friendly; the bigger the list, the more difficult it is to find what you’re looking for. It is sorted by date of purchase and it is currently not possible to change the sorting order.

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