BioShock Infinite: Burial At Sea: Episode 1, PC/Mac – £2.30

BioShock Infinite: Burial At Sea: Episode 1, PC/Mac – £2.30

Registers on Steam.

Cheers Darth for the tip off.

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  1. Spakkenkhrist #

    In case anyone is worried about buying this for PC from a Mac only site, the Steam key appears to be for both versions and it is currently downloading on my PC.

    • Zabbadoo #

      Working here too, it’s a SteamPlay game so you’ll get both PC and Mac versions on Steam.

  2. Raztaman #

    I’m not sure I even wanna pay so little for the DLC that everyone complained about X|

    Would much rather hold out for the Season Pass to get discounted but unfortunately I missed that mispricing on steam by seconds 🙁

  3. Jack #

    Price has gone up.

  4. Rob #

    I don’t know when the offer was posted here (Lewie – perhaps a time as well as a date on the timestamp?) but it’s still 21 December and the price is now $7.49 (£4.60). I’m inclined to wait the six months or so that it takes for Episode 2 (have they said how many episodes there are?) to be released and reduced in price.

    I don’t like buying episodic games as they come ou, as it breaks the story up, and I end up replaying previous parts to remind myself of the plot. I broke off playing Telltale Games’ “Wolf Among Us” (shouldn’t that be “amongst”?) for exactly that reason, and shall wait for the whole game to be ready before I start again.

    This whole staged release thing has been reduced to a mockery by the current fashion for paid betas, paid alphas, and even Kickstarter’s “paid for a nice idea”. Please may it stop soon.

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