Saints Row IV, PC – £24.05

Saints Row IV, PC – £24.05

Registers on Steam.

They claim these keys are region free, but previous Deep Silver releases have often been region locked. I’ve not dealt with this serial reseller previously before, but I have searched around there seems to be plenty of positive feedback for them.

It is somewhat of a gamble, but this is the best price I can find. If anyone does go for it, let me know how it goes in the comments please.

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  1. RiptoR #

    I was about to buy it, but I changed my mind after browsing their support forum. Too many threads about missing keys, late (or no) delivery of keys, support tickets that go unanswered for weeks (until you complain in the forums), orders being cancelled without proper explanation, …

    It might be a nice price, but I’d rather pay more on a respectable site than take a gamble here.

  2. CJS CD Keys has the standard edition for £24.99. The Commander in Chief edition is £34.99 (only £1 less than the Steam price for those who own Saints Row the Third). I also can’t speak for the trustworthiness of this vendor.

  3. cheaper #

    Costs about £20 at the nuuvem store (24euro, 32usd)

  4. marmaladegirl #

    I’ve gone for it, before the price rise. We shall wait and see, hoping PayPal gives me some protection *fingers crossed*

    • Darren #

      Did you get your code?

      • marmaladegirl #

        Nope and the website has been down all day. Going to put a claim in through PayPal.

        • Lewie Procter #

          Eep! Let me know how it goes.

  5. marmaladegirl #

    The email the dispute is against is cdkeys4you@gmail so hopefully people can treat with caution.
    The website still seems to down though.

    Think I’m funding Russian mafia, still feel this might be better than Deep Silver at the moment.

  6. Thruddle #

    I went for it, and recieved code at 8pm UK time on the 23rd. Just registered on steam, and aside from the suspicious email addresses on the reciepts and code resulting in it going into my spam folder, along with the site being down for a few days, went off without a hitch, and registered on my steam account with no need for VPN. It seems the gamble paid off.

    • Thruddle #

      Also, the key included the commander in chief pack, despite the fact I dont recall it being listed. So, Yay, I guess?

  7. marmaladegirl #

    I got a refund any way, without a response.

    Glad it worked for you though. Perhaps some more patience and I would have been ok.

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