Notice: A Request Regarding Adblockers

Hello SavyGamers.

I hate browsing the internet with adverts, that’s why I use an adblocker. I don’t think I am under any obligation to allow websites to display adverts on my computer.

I dislike it when websites make needy pleas to their users to disable adblockers. “Because that’s how we make our money”, as if the users of adblockers weren’t aware of the revenue stream they are opting to bypass. If you run a business, the onus is on you to find a model that works, not the customers.

I also dislike it that there are adverts everywhere. I live in London, and my eyeballs are bombarded with corporate propaganda whenever I leave the house. If I could wear a pair of magic glasses that blocked these adverts, or if I could make them disappear with the point of a finger, I would.

In my capacity as a freelance writer for other websites, I do accept money that has come from advertisers, so perhaps I am sometimes part of the problem. I did decide a long time ago, however, not to have any adverts on SavyGamer. I think it would be hypocritical to impose on users of my website something that I am unwilling to do for other websites. SavyGamer has been ad free for almost forever, and I can categorically state that there are no plans whatsoever to add adverts at any time in the future. Perhaps circumstances will change, but I can’t see how.

Why am I telling you all these things? It’s recently come to my attention that adblockers, depending on how they have been configured, can interfere with Google analytics, and potentially some affiliate services. The impact this has on SavyGamer is that I am missing out on useful (anonymous) data that helps me track which deals are most popular, or just how people are using the site. I tailor the service around this data, so your usage is not being represented here if you have an adblocker that is preventing Google Analytics from working correctly. Secondly, and probably far more importantly for me, if an adblocker is preventing my affiliate stuff from working (where I get a small cut on sales from the retailer for users I direct to purchase from them), I’m missing out on potential earnings. Those earnings are what let me keep working on SavyGamer full time whilst keeping it ad free, and they’re the only source of revenue I get from SavyGamer (aside from the generosity of SavyGamer subscribers), so it is pretty important to me.

I’d like to ask that if you are using an adblocker on your browser, you consider doing me a favour and disabling your adblocker for SavyGamer. There will be zero impact to your experience of using SavyGamer, and it will make my job easier.

Obviously if you consider blocking Google Analytics and affiliate services to be a desirable functionality, then by all means please continue to browse SavyGamer that way. I respect your right to browse the web in whatever way is preferable to you, and you will always be welcome here no matter how your browser is configured. This notice should only be relevant to people that were unaware that adblockers could behave in this way, as I was until just now.

How to disable adblockers for a specific website varies between adblockers, please post in the comments if you have any trouble with it.


Please disable your adblocker on SavyGamer if you use one. There are no adverts anyway. Bill Hicks was right.

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  1. Steve #

    Hi Lewie – completely fair post mate.

    I can work around ads, so don’t use a blocker for this reason exactly.

    Keep up the good work! : )

  2. aguamoose #

    Ok I have disabled it for this site.

    You mentioned Google Analytics too. Not sure if you are aware that there is another new program going around now that blocks all types of trackers, it is called Ghostery, and it really does speed up web browsing. PCgamer for instance is notoriously slow with ghostery it loads within a flash. So I imagine it would do the same to this site, so I say to anyone else who uses ghostery to do the same.

    • Jago #

      I’d not heard of Ghostery before, but have added it to Chrome and you’re right; most sites load quicker. PC Gamer apparently has 17 different trackers.

      • Rich #

        I’ve used Ghostery since our friends over at RPS started using those bloody social network links that can lock a browser up for a second or two on load. It makes a hell of a difference everywhere else too.

        Still for you Lewie I’ll make an exception. Consider yourself white listed.

  3. NimbusTLD #

    I’ve had you whitelisted for a while, as I didn’t notice any ads 🙂

    • NimbusTLD #

      On a related note, the subscribe button on the subscription page doesn’t work as intended, it just opens my PayPal account. Please fix it, or tell me what I’m doing wrong 🙂

      • Lewie Procter #

        Thanks, I’ll look into it.

      • Lewie Procter #

        I think this should be fixed now.

        • NimbusTLD #

          Not for me… Donation button works, Subscribe button still links to my account’s overview page. I have tried on 2 different PCs too.

          • Lewie Procter #

            Hmm. Seems I will have to look into it further.

          • NimbusTLD #

            Ok. Until then have a straight up donation 🙂

  4. MancVandal #

    Done. Feels it’s only fair considering the money you’ve saved me over the past months/year.

    Keep it up son!

  5. I particularly enjoy the irony that the makers of adblockers are planning to make money by allowing ads through:

  6. Astartes #

    Thanks for putting this to our attention – I’ve had your site adblocked for as long as I’ve followed it (simply because adblock is on by default and your site lacks ad, so I never bothered touching it) but I had no idea about the other negative affects the software can have on your website.

    Adblock is now disabled for your site.

  7. Dave #

    Done. Happy to support the site.

  8. I actually disabled ad blocker completely a few months back, mainly for the youtubers I love and want them to get their revenue.

    I only fliick ad blocker on if a site is being particularly troublesome with ads.

    I didn’t realise ad blocker interfered with some revenue systems for yourself Lewie, so will make sure it’s never on when I’m here 🙂

  9. smiddy #

    Hi Lewie,

    I don’t use an adblocker but I have a couple of things that I need to say. First I love your site and your way of running the site. The more I read what you write the more I see that you’re a pretty decent bloke.

    Secondly, you described how you get paid a small amount from every sale you direct to another site and I wondered if you could elaborate on how that works. The reason I ask is that I have quite often seen a deal on SavyGamer, gone to the site in question, umm’d and ahh’d about it and then maybe have gone back a little while later to make a purchase. So my question really is, in order for you to get your cut (which I want to happen) do I need to make sure to go to the site (e.g. GMG) through SavyGamer when I intend to make the purchase? I sounds like that’s what would need to happen, but I’d just like it to be clarified.

    Thanks Lewie, and keep up the great work.

    • Lewie Procter #

      Thanks a lot, and good question.

      Some retailers install a cookie, usually for 48/72 hours, where I will get credited for anything bought in that time, but this is not the majority of sites. My affiliate links always have some sort of prefix or suffix (although it often just redirects to the normal page anyway) and unless the retailer is one of the ones who install cookies, I will only get credited for transactions that occur in that particular session.

      I want people to use SavyGamer in the way that is most convenient to them, but if you’re happy to go out of your way to make sure I get my commission, it’s best to navigate directly to the particular retailer from SavyGamer.

  10. rinse #

    Done! You have saved me so much money that denying you a few affiliate quid and anonymous data seems miserly! Saving money allows me to buy more stuff in Penge and support my local economy.

  11. Turbonerd #

    Bill Hicks mentioned.
    Stay awesome Lewie.

  12. simon #

    You dislike it when a site makes a plea in relation to ads, but it is okay for you to do the same for data or affiliate links or subscribers, I don’t see the difference. (Just to be clear I’m fine with you asking for people to whitelist your site, but the “logic” of the first bit of your post, is well not logical.)

    • Lewie Procter #

      I guess the main difference is that what I’m asking people to do hasn’t got any impact on your experience of using the site.

      I’m not suggesting people opt to have a worse experience of using SavyGamer just so I can make more money. I already deliberately go out of my way to make sure everyone using the site gets the best possible experience (even though I could make more money if I covered the website with adverts). I’m just asking people to change a setting that won’t have any negative impact on them, but will help me and SavyGamer.

      I’m also trying to be vaguely self aware. It’s a topic that ideally I would prefer to not have to cover in this way, but I was counting on there being enough users that would be happy to agree to my request that it would be worth it.

      • nofing #

        And that’s what I like about you and your site and lead me to allow Google Analytics on your site (which I usually block, because Google really doesn’t need to get any more information about anything).

        By the way, I don’t see anything wrong with asking people to disable adblockers, because as most people, mine is on by default and it happens quite often, that I forget to disable it on a site, which deserves to be whitelisted.

  13. Adam #

    Disabled for this site.

    Thanks for the money you’ve saved me in the past!

  14. SaL #

    Disabled…. great site.. always check it out every day 🙂

  15. Jon #

    I personally don’t care about ads anyway, I would totally support you running at least one on this site, I find them easy enough to ignore.

  16. G_Man_007 #

    Quite simply; done old sport. 😉

  17. Alex #

    Another one here who had no idea. Thanks for the heads-up; ad-block disabled.

  18. Matt #

    I was wondering why this site has no ads. Personally, I don’t have an issue with most ads (except the ones which are movies, especially with noise and the ones which scroll with you), so I don’t bother with an adblocker. Hell, sometimes I even see something I like and click on it (I actually like some ads :S).

    So, I was wondering – since I don’t have much money, but I don’t mind ads, is there a way that you could make some kind of “opt-in” ad service for your site? It might be too much trouble, though, and if it’s opt-in, possibly most won’t opt-in (whereas if it was opt-out, most probably wouldn’t opt out; but it would annoy those who do). If there was a way this could work, I would happily opt-in to seeing (non-scrolling, non-movie) ads on your site, in the hopes of getting you a little more money (and possibly seeing something I like).

    Thanks for the great site 🙂

    • Jon #

      Yeah, I’d opt in too.

      • Lewie Procter #

        That’s very kind of you both, but I suspect that the time it would take to implement such a system would not be the most efficient use of my time, I’d be better off finding some good deals, or pitching some freelance to one of the sites I write for.

        • Matt #

          I had a feeling that might be the case. I thought I might as well let you know how I felt about it, in case it was an option you were considering.

  19. Paul Priest #

    Another one here who normally uses Ghostery and the like, simply because because I’m a fully-signed-up tin-foil-hat-wearing type who really doesn’t want Google to be able to put 2 and 2 together (there’s a reason they pay you after all…).
    Still, I like this site (curated content still has a place versus the likes of CheapShark), and you asked nicely, so I’ve made an exception.

  20. ABP – just go into the options and it’s really easy to add a site to not block anything from.


  21. Matt #

    I don’t usually, but seeing as you’re doing it for a good cause and not to spam us with ads. Sure why not.

  22. Donkeyfumbler #

    Done 🙂

  23. The most intrusive ads now are Flash based, in Chrome you can toggle a setting which makes Flash ‘click to play’. Meaning Flash content will only load if you give it a mouse click. Secure and fast.

    Also many people block third party cookies which does stop much of the tracking cookies. Safari for example does this by default, so all Mac users will be blocking Google Analytics already.

  24. marc #

    You said “onus”…

  25. Slyboots #

    While I normally block everything..

    Heck! this site has saved me so much money, your the *first* on my Whitelist.

  26. James #

    Ok so I’ve removed it from my adblock list, now can we have that long-ass post shortened to a simple TLDR with a link to a page with all the details?

    Get’s rather annoying having to scroll down a fair bit just to see the latest deals posted.

    • Lewie Procter #

      I’m going to unsticky it in a day or two. Was waiting until the big influx of users on Saturday when I post the bargain bucket on RPS.

  27. pico #

    Does Google Analytics really offer much more than what you get from analyzing the server logs?

    • Lewie Procter #

      Yeah, you get some pretty useful data from GA that you won’t get from server logs alone.

  28. Sol #

    Hello Lewie, I’ve done the same as most and disabled the ad blocker here, also thanks for the money savings.

    I’d like to add a another thank you for introducing me to Bill Hicks who I had never heard of before today, now after hours of youtube and his stand up, all i can say is: what a legend.

  29. Super Gamer #

    I did paused my Adblocker, but interestingly I still don’t see any ads.

    I think you should aim for referal programme’s when possible as I at least bought 10 games through your website. Great job BTW, thanks.

    Also I would be happy to tip now and then when I found a deal through your website 🙂 So that can be an option as well.

    • Lewie Procter #

      Yeah, I use affiliate links whenever possible.

      You can donate here if you like.

      • Super Gamer #

        Nice, donated 🙂

        BTW your subscribe button doesn’t work for me.

  30. Dan #

    I didn’t consider this before, so sorry about that. However I’d be perfectly happy to disable ad blocker on your site as I find your site helpful 🙂

    Thanks again.

  31. Ravenholme #

    Disabled! I should’ve realised there would be no ads on SavyGamer, but Adblock is such a fixture of my life that I often forget I even have it on.

  32. Jimmy Butler #

    Keep up the good work. Thanks for being honest.

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