Scribblenauts Unlimited, PC – £12.43

Scribblenauts Unlimited, PC – £12.43

Registers on Steam.

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  1. Wool Sheep #

    Looks like the game is still not for us on Steam in the UK though. Very irritating. Can see the trailer on a search then it’s just, oops blocked.

    • anon #

      Blame Nintendo. It seems they needed a game for their paltry spring slot, and this delayed the finished PC version too(hopefully only delayed).

      • Lewie Procter #

        I suspect it’s Nintendo’s involvement that caused the delay, but ultimately it’s the publisher’s decision.

  2. Anyone else finding that appears to be down? Every time I come close to purchasing Scribblenauts, it kicks me back to an error message. Just me, I hope?

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