Sandisk 128GB Pulse SSD – £52.98

Sandisk 128GB Pulse SSD – £52.98 delivered

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  1. Sam #

    Is this the cheapest 128gb SSD available overall or just the cheapest Sandisk Pulse?

    • Lewie Procter #

      It’s definitely the cheapest of this model, and as far as I can see also the cheapest 128gb SSD.

  2. MizuhoChan #

    It’s pretty good, but not the lowest price I’ve seen though. I got a 128gb from ebuyer a month or two ago for £50 with shipping, for my mother.

  3. MizuhoChan #

    Also, as for the read and write times, I know the one I bought is less, but unless you’re going to be copying from SSD to SSD, rather than just booting from it, the R/W speeds don’t mean much. What you want is the seek time, which on SSD’s is normally 0.1ms. That’s the time it takes for the drive to find the file, which is why magnetic drives take longer, they take around 10ms or so.

  4. Martin #

    Crap. Got one in the Amazon sale recently. Given that this one is sufficient for my needs, I’m considering returning the first one I got and getting this.

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