Borderlands 2, PC – £13.99

Borderlands 2, PC – £13.99

Registers on Steam.

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  1. Rhaianz #

    Worked great, bought it from The Netherlands.
    Thanks 🙂

  2. mindraven #

    i have a problem. i can’t order because they can’t deliver outside uk. The funny thing is that they offer an activation code that obviously doesn’t need to be delivered anywhere and that despite the fact that my country is available for postage service, i can’t be served. Any ideas ?

  3. Ness #

    Paid with credit card, not with Paypal, yet I have been waiting over an hour for my CD key. Hasn’t arrived yet.

    This is possibly a scam.

    • Ness #

      12 hours and several unanswered e-mails later, I have yet to receive any sort of CD key.

      Confirmed scam, stay away from Simply Games.

  4. mindraven #

    I bypassed their restrictions by giving a fake uk address and adding the fake address in the settings of paypal. Everything worked fine but with a slight delay. I received my activation code late last night and it was successfully registered via steam. Don’t worry.

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