Wanted: PC Hardware Specialist

SavyGamer has pretty much been a one man show since its inception, although I’ve had plenty of help from other people along the way. That’s possibly about to change though, as I’m looking for a PC Hardware specialist to take responsibility of covering the best discounts on PC hardware on SavyGamer.

This is still an idea that is gestating, and whoever ends up in the role will have a lot of control over shaping it, but I think what I need is someone who is always going to be up to date with what is happening in the world of PC hardware, can completely spec together builds on a budget, is familiar with the UK market for buying PC hardware, is meticulously frugal, and has a rudimentary working knowledge of HTML.

Time commitment wise, it’s a role than can be very flexible, and it is something that I’d need to discuss with any successful applicant, but you’d probably need to be able to commit at least an hour or two on most week days. Whatever your situation, I’m open to trying to find something that fits around you.

As for payment. I don’t really know. SavyGamer does not earn enough yet for me to pay someone else’s salary, but my plan is to offer a (to be determined) revenue split on all the commission from PC hardware. I have no intention of exploiting anyone, but I don’t know how much money it will make. An ideal candidate would have either another proper job they can work around, or a range of ongoing freelance commitments.

An ideal candidate would also be London based, so we can meet face to face if needs be, but don’t let this turn you off if you live elsewhere.

Are you interested? Then read on.

How to apply

The deadline has now passed.

Email me (subject “PC Hardware specialist”) to register your interest. Include a CV if you’ve got one, and then tell me about anything you have accomplished or any skills you have that you would think make you suitable for the job.

I’ll then follow up with further instructions, and part of the application process will involve some sort of practical test.

Deadline for registering interest is 30/11/2012.

SavyGamer does not discriminate based on grounds of gender, age, disability, sexual orientation, race, nationality, social class or religion.

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  1. Good idea Lewie. Hope you find someone good.

  2. Grimmy #

    Would be nice indeed, always good to know when some good PC hardware is on sale.

  3. Mikebloke #

    Entire builds / Gaming laptops would also be pretty handy if whoever gets the role think they are up to it.

  4. clayton learoyd #

    Id love this job its practically what i do ever night as a hobby.
    Enjoy speccing systems from budget builds to extreme gaming rigs.
    Also enjoy finding bargins and weighing up pros and cons.
    Have lots of product and tech hardware knowledge too.
    Im not great with software ie HTML but im a fast learner.



    • Lewie Procter #

      Well please get in touch via email. The HTML thing isn’t a big deal, I can probably teach anyone the basics, but it would just be a bonus.

  5. clayton learoyd #

    Great well i will put something together and email you.

  6. Sounds like a fantastic initiative, look forward to the hardware deals.

  7. rinse #

    Great idea. My gaming rig is constantly evolving. If that evolution can take place at a cheaper rate then I’ll be delighted and glad to earn you a few quid from affiliate links.
    Hope you find someone who’s got the skills and time to make a proper go of it.

  8. mconan #

    This is a great idea! hope you find someone!

  9. Vorrin #

    Wow, fantastic idea actually, well done and I really hope you do find a tech discount whiz! (tho unfortunately I read this just after upgrading my system, so might be interested in this in another couple of years 😀 )

  10. clayton learoyd #

    In the process of building up a new gaming rig and updating mine. With a lovely Dell U2711. Would be nice to have a shot at this.

    • Lewie Procter #

      Sadly, if you haven’t already applied, the deadline has passed.

  11. clayton learoyd #

    I did apply mate

    • Lewie Procter #

      OK, I’ll be looking at all the applications this week.

  12. clayton learoyd #

    Awesome. Good luck either way.

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