ArmA 2: Combined Operations, PC – £9.43

ArmA 2: Combined Operations, PC – £9.43

To purchase digital games from Amazon US, use your UK Amazon account, and add a US billing address to your account. This address needs to be a valid US address, but nothing will be sent there, and you can access all your games through their website. Some card issuers may charge a fee.

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  1. TJV #

    Day Z?!?!?! \m/

    • dbdkmezz #

      I wondered when retailers would notice DayZ, about time! Best gaming I’ve had in a long time.

      Worth pointing out that this isn’t quite the cheapest way to play dayz though. All you actually need to pay for is Operation Arrowhead, if you combine that with the official free version of Arma 2 then you effectively get Combined Operations, but only buy half of it. Gamesrocket have OA on sale right now for £8.95, so not much cheaper than this, but non of the Amazon US faff needed.

      DayZ install instructions (which mention the this cheaper install method) here:

    • SoyBob #

      Yes, this is what you should buy to play DayZ

  2. D.Socrates #

    Is this US Amazon thing risky in any way? I mean, could they decide to stop access to digital content bought in another territory? And what’s the DRM/download police like? Can we make our own backups and install from them or is it always tied to

  3. Tom #

    Tonight, Matthew, I’m going to be… living in Delaware, New Hampshire, or Oregon. For the 0% sales tax.

    Because I use NoScript for Firefox and hadn’t whitelisted Amazon, the checkout kind of flunked out at the “Processing Order” stage. After clicking back to the product page, I see the message “You have an order for this product in process. For your protection we are performing security checks which may take up to 4 hours.”

    I’ll try and report back on if I pass the security checks and get the bundle at the price of £9.47 that’s still something I can ill afford (but is a significant improvement on Steam’s 25 squid), or not.

  4. Jimangi #

    I too wish to know if there is any risk here as I would be using my dad’s credit card.
    Might Amazon suspend you for using a fake address?

  5. Tom #

    Yup. Got an email confirmation 30 minutes later and the games showed up in my Amazon account’s Digital Downloads area. I’m currently downloading them (they come as an 830kb stub which fetches the actual installer files).

    For those concerned about later being denied access, by all means take precautions but I wouldn’t worry too much. Amazon’s FAQ appear to be saying they’re going to be available from your Amazon account’s Digital Download area for as long as Amazon are going to be around (as it absolutely has to be for digital downloads to be worth paying anything at all for).

    If you’re bothered, take those precautions…back up the downloaded installers to disc and save the serial keycodes on some dead trees.

    Thanks for the heads up, I’ve been scouring Savy every day for the last two weeks for a deal like this! See you in Chernarus woods and please don’t shoot me on sight.

    • Patrick #

      So was it a non-US credit card with a US billing address?

      • Tom #

        @Patrick: Yep, that’s correct. I used my UK Visa Debit card, and changed my billing address temporarily to that of the University Of Delaware for the purposes of ordering from Amazon. I have previously ordered goods from Amazon UK with this card; if you are creating an account from scratch you may potentially run into trouble while they authenticate payment.

        Haven’t had a problem with the Amazon downloader stubs, I was even able to purchase a second copy for a friend, send him a link to the downloader stubs and emailed him the second set of keys listed in my Amazon account (AFAIK there is no way to gift items from the Amazon DD Store itself).

        I’ve just spent a few hours playing DayZ and also looking forward to playing ARMA2 properly. Full game looks far superior to the free version (the demo) I’d been playing until now.

  6. Tim #

    Thanks for the heads up great deal

    Not sure about anyone else but i have to say this is the worst Download service i have used in a long time downloaded both arma2 and arma 2 OA last night to find both installers are borked ¬¬ and there is no manual file check to just fix the installers so have to start again.
    just a heads up hope it goes smoother for anyone else just pointing out oh also had to wait 2+ hours for it to verify my payment .

    Thanks again Savy Gamer

  7. Erik #

    Thanks for the tip, would have cost me lots more at steam and little less than full price at amazon or other retailers. Now I could get this game for the same price they charge each expansion for. Download is soon finished, has gone about 20min.

    Found this site trough google, searched for “Arma 2 CO cheapest”.

    By the way, if you use the free Arma 2 and the expansion needed to play DayZ you wont be having high texture packs. It’s worth the extra money for full futures, especially if you like running higher graphics.

    Thanks again!

  8. Kevboy #

    the only US address I can think of is beverley hills 90210

  9. Andy #

    It looks like the game isn’t on sale anymore for digital download…

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