Hitman: Sniper Challenge, PC/PS3/Xbox 360 – Free

Hitman: Sniper Challenge, PC/PS3/Xbox 360 – Free

Preorder Hitman: Absolution from Amazon, a minute or two later you’ll be sent a code for Hitman: Sniper Challenge (which you redeem at this website), then you are free to cancel your Amazon order. You will not be charged anything.

The website for redeeming your code isn’t working properly right now, but should hopefully be fixed soon.

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  1. Martin #

    Warning to PC gamers, the release date for us is somewhere in August for the Sniper Challenge.

  2. The Russian Bear #

    Thanks Lewie. Will defo be cancelling though, see no point pre-ordering a game which could turn out to be the Splinter Cell: Conviction version of Hitman.

  3. Andrew #

    Pre-ordered and received code. Now waiting for them to fix the registration site. I wonder what’s happened there? Fingers crossed it’s fixed soon, would quite like to give this a go tonight!

  4. Joshua Haugh #

    Can someone who tries this for the PC version confirm if the code you get is a steam key? Thanks

    • The Russian Bear #

      Yes it gives you a steam key.

    • Yup, after you enter the key from Amazon you are asked what platform you want and it will return a Steam key. I activated mine and it’s locked until August 1st (I think)

      • I must be missing something – where do you enter the promotional code from Amazon?

      • Please activate the original game

        The product code you’ve entered requires ownership of another product before activation.

  5. Simon #

    Yep, that website is ker-nackered. They really should put an “Error 37” message up there………….

  6. Will Templeton #

    Looks like the site is working now, folks.

    • Yes, I registered without any problems. However, the code seems to be invalid on both the Square Enix site and Steam.

      Presumably it’s because of Amazon’s clause:
      “Note: You will not receive Hitman Sniper Challenge codes until May 16. For PC, the Hitman Sniper Challenge will not be available to download until August.”

      Did anyone mange to register their code anywhere??

  7. Dan b #

    just get a message on steam saying

    please first activate the original game

    the product code you’ve entered requires ownership of another product before activation

  8. Red Scharlach #

    Nope, still bust.

  9. Rui Costa #

    I can’t register, it keeps saying “contains invalid characters”.

    Letters and numbers are invalid characters now? Gods give me patience.

    • I had that, it’s probably because someone else is using that nickname. It doesn’t matter what you use, you can change it in the profile page after you’ve registered.

      As for my other problem, it looks like you’ll have to keep hold of the code until 1 August to register it.

  10. Rui Costa #


    «Due to technical difficulties on the Hitman Sniper Challenge website we are currently unable to provide codes via http://www.hitmansniper.com and are redeeming codes via this temporary system. If you would like to request a code for Hitman Sniper Challenge, please contact us using the link below and follow these steps:»


  11. Davey Grime #

    Trying to enter code and it just says, ‘Unknown error’…is that what everyone else is getting?

  12. Hitman #

    you are FREE to cancel your Amazon order?

    Any consequence? What if someone abuse the system?

  13. Bryn #

    On steam, please activate original game error? I thought it was standalone?

    • Dan b #

      Just had a message back from Square Enix saying code will activate after the date in august, so we gotta wait

  14. Ronnie McCusker #

    Confirmed working on 360, nice find!! 🙂

  15. Ezeehot #

    Great find, thanks, wanted to try this before i buy so this is perfect =]

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