SavyGamer Is Five: Anniversary Sale

Five whole years. I can’t quite believe it. Five years ago to this day I mistyped “Savvy” into a domain name registration form, and the rest is history.

Initially conceived as an experiment in eradicating information asymmetry between people buying games and people selling games, and a way of countering the small army of marketing men and advertisers telling you that they are the best value, regardless of reality, SavyGamer has grown to be far bigger than I ever imagined it could be. That’s largely down to you, the wonderful users of SavyGamer, who day in and day out choose to trust me to find you the best prices on games. You’ll probably never know quite how much gratitude I have for you.

I’ve been chronicling the cheapest games across all formats for half a decade now, and I’ve thoroughly enjoyed myself. It’s also been a successful endeavour for me financially, I don’t quite earn enough from SavyGamer to not have to do other work, but I think that I might be there in another year or two. You could always subscribe for just £1 a month to help me on my way.

Whether you’ve been here since day one, or if this is your first time visiting SavyGamer (make yourself at home), or somewhere in-between, thank you ever so much for your patronage. I intend for SavyGamer to be a service that you can rely on long long into the future.

To celebrate the earth having successful orbited the sun five times since SavyGamer’s inception, I’ve roped in a bunch of developers to put their games on sale all at once. Here’s a boatload of fantastic games all reduced:

A.Typical RPG – 64p
AI War: Alien Bundle – £3.89 (and similar discounts on individual items, apply coupon “SavyGamer5”)
Blue Toad Murder Files – £2.99 on PSN
Bundle of Wrong – Pay What You Want
Call of Cthulhu: The Wasted Land – £1.99
Democracy 2 – £7.66 (apply coupon “SavyGamer5”)
Eufloria – £3.74 (apply coupon “SavyGamer5”)
Eufloria HD – £1.49
Fate of the World – £2.50 (and similar discounts on individual items, apply coupon “SavyGamer5”)
Frozen Synapse x2 – £15.19 (apply coupon “SavyGamer5”)
Gratuitous Space Battles: Collectors Edition – £5.66 (apply coupon “SavyGamer5”)
helicoid – Free
Inzectoids – Pay what you want
Leave Home + fren-ze – £3.18
lilt line – 69p
Planet Stronghold – £7.19 (apply coupon “SavyGamer5”)
Scoregasm – £1.91
Swift*Stitch – £2.23
These Robotic Hearts of Mine, iOS – Free for one day, half price for the rest of the sale. /Android – 50p
Tidalis – 99p (apply coupon “SavyGamer5”)
Time Gentlemen, Please! – £1.79 (apply coupon “SavyGamer5”)
VVVVVV – £1.59
Waves – £3.43
Will Fight for Food – £2.38

Also the lovely folks at Get Games let me pick some games from their library to put on sale. Apply coupon “SavyGamer5” to get these prices. Here they are:
The Club – £2
Civilization 5 – £4.99
The Oddboxx – £4.41
Renegops – £3.39
Serious Sam: The First Encounter HD – £2.59
Serious Sam 3: BFE – £7.49
Super Meat Boy – £3.39


If you’ve got a game you want to put on sale to be part of the celebrations. Please do get in touch.

Much love.

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  1. Ab #

    Congrats Lewie. Here’s to another five years.

  2. Grimmy #

    Awesome, I’ve only been here a bit under a year myself but I do frequent it a time or two per day as of then. I’ve saved quite a bit of money through these deals and I’d never be aware of most of them without this site.

    Keep up the good work, your efforts are appreciated by this far-away Estonian.

  3. Sam #

    Congratulations- and many thanks for all the pounds you’ve saved me over the years. Your site is always the first thing I mention to friends when they are thinking about buying a game.

  4. G_Man_007 #

    Nice one Lewie, very impressed at the deals you’ve managed to arrange. Keep up the good work, you’ve saved me a few quid.

  5. SavyGamer is a brilliant website, even if you spelt savvy wrong, who cares. Keep it up!

  6. KarachiKid #

    Happy birthday and thanks for all the savings!

  7. @Jaffo #

    Congrats Lewie. Enjoy your party! 🙂

  8. Congratz Lewie and Willie (are you Willie actually?) and the other guy (oh god, I am horrible person).

    And thanks for all the saved money! I wish you the best for another 500 years.

    • Will Templeton #

      I like how I get credit every now and again for Lewie’s enterprise. 🙂

  9. Dave #

    Congrats! Just picked up the fantastic Waves, a bargain at this price.

  10. Holy moley Lewie, way to swing your weight 🙂

    Maybe you should stop putting that warning about ‘the hut’ on all the Hut posts and you can get them to give us deals too 🙂

    Seriously, happy 5th Birthday Savy Gamer.

  11. Adam #

    Congrats Lewie! You know you’ve made it when digital distribution sites and indie developers are putting games on sale for you!

    Here’s to another 5 years of SavyGamer!

  12. BUwe #

    Congrats. Although the majority of offers is UK-aimed, I find myself unable to resist trying out what you’ve found everytime you post an interesting title on Twitter. Found one or two nice offers thanks to that. Keep it up.

  13. Matthew #

    Happy anniversary Lewie!

  14. giant, fussy whingebag #

    Good things and well wishes, sir!

    I’ve always found your misspelling of savvy to be a good, if unintentional, pun. It clearly echoes ‘savvy’, but also puts across a sense of savings.

    Also, I have one extremely important question about these games on sale: does it register on Steam?

  15. Dragoon #

    Congratz Lewie & Tony! Keep it going. Also thanks for the great Deals on Civilization V and Gratuitous Space Battles: Collectors Edition you made possible.

  16. Congratulations, and thanks for setting all of this up. Long live SG!

  17. Name (required) #

    Keep on keeping on Lewie, thanks for all the deals over the years.

  18. Teps #

    Lewie, grats man !! Love what you’re doing.

  19. scorpionbruno #

    Congrats , keep up the good deals .

  20. bog_god #

    I was going to ask for the donation link, as I always said I would when I got a job. I don’t know if I buy enough games to make it a sound investment, but I like what you do, so have some more bacon and biscuits! Keep it up for another 5!

    • Paul W #

      Bacon & biscuits – now there’s a diet I can endorse. 😉

  21. Raxin #

    Congratulations Lewie, from South Africa with fluff!

  22. Mal #

    Planet Stronghold’s not on sale 🙁

  23. JohnS #

    Congrats Lewie! Here’s to another five years!

  24. Happy Birthday SavyGamer.

    And thanks for this amazing bundle of offers!

  25. Henrik #

    Congratulations, and thanks for all your great work!
    For how long will the GetGames code be valid?

    • Lewie Procter #

      Until Sunday evening.

  26. Teps #

    BTW, thanks for adding SS3 in there. They forced me to pay in Euros since I’m not from UK, but the coupon worked all the same. Wow, I’m not used to that. I paid 10 EUR instead of 40 EUR.

  27. Chris #

    Glad to see it’s all working out and happy anniversary

  28. David #

    Thanks for your work on the site. It’s much appreciated, even if I don’t always get around to commenting on the various posts!

    Mal seems to be on to something though; perhaps the Planet Stronghold link doesn’t contain the intended referral, because it doesn’t seem to be discounted.

    • David #

      I should have thought of this sooner: using the same coupon-code as for other links: “SavyGamer5” gives Planet Stronghold the intended discount.

      Thanks Lewie!

  29. Happy 5th Anniversary guys 😀

    I’ve been visiting for over a year now, and I can’t believe I didn’t see the subscribe button until now, i’ll be more than happy to subscribe, and help you on your ways to another 5 years. 😀

  30. Dan #

    Just grabbed Inzectoids, looks mental 😀
    As for the rest I own pretty much all the PC games listed, but don’t have a need for the apple store or andriod related ones.

    A Great Idea! Many thanks

  31. mconan #

    Gratz mate, always loved the site, and these days its onto the hallowed pages of my opera speed dial, only 6 other sites made it!

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