PS Vita [Wifi] & 8gb Memory Card – £161.75

PS Vita [Wifi] & 8gb Memory Card – £161.75 delivered

Add this & this to your basket, and the price will get reduced during checkout.

This is from, but they will ship to the UK. The price is €197.78, which converts to £161.75

For an extra £16.61, add any one of the following games:
Dungeon Hunter Alliance
Fifa 2011
Lumines: Electronic Symphony
Rayman Origins
Virtua Tennis 4

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  1. TMM #

    If this is being shipped from won’t you have to pay 20% import tax on it? Raising it to about £200?

    • Lewie Procter #

      Not from within the EU.

  2. One more reason for the UK to stay in the EU 😉

    But normally Games und Consoles are much cheaper at than in the german amazon shop.

  3. nomilarac #

    How does this work? I don’t understand a word in german.

    I logged in with my account, added both to my account, went to checkout and it didn’t seem to get reduced. The 8GB memory card seems to be free if you buy the console but that makes it 230€, not 198€.

    There seems to be an additional 30€ discount but that’s only if you pay with or create an Amazon VISA credit card.

    • Lewie Procter #

      It appears as though this deal is no longer available.

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