Saints Row: The Third, PC – £7.99

Saints Row: The Third, PC – £7.99

Apply coupon “pcgamer20”.

Registers on Steam.

Cheers Tom for the tip off.

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  1. They don’t want to accept my card for some reason. I’ve used it on another site since, so not sure if there’s an issue with their site or my card. Just in case others are thinking of purchasing, might be worth knowing.

    • JohnPeat #

      Same here – accepts details, forwards to the verification service and then fails saying I’ve entered details wrongly (without asking me for any).

      Clearly they don’t want my money which is fine really – their loss…

      • Good, I was worried that there was an issue with my card. I did have one instance of them asking for verification of card details but the second time around it just told me it hadn’t worked.

        I’ll try again later, I guess

        • JohnPeat #

          I’ve had this same problem with them before – I’m going to guess you’re using a debit card or some sort???

          They don’t ask for the secondary verification details of such cards (either issue number or start date on the card) which means the bank verification stage will fail every time.

          They’re Swedish and don’t understand I suspect – chances of it being fixed if that is the issue are close to zero.

          • JohnPeat #

            Quick update – I raised a ticket with Ztorm (who run the PCWorldDownloads service) and they reckon it’s a problem with “my bank” and not their site.

            My bank has no idea what they’re talking about – my card works on other sites – no-one seems to have a fucking clue (as usual)

            Bottom line – the PCWDownloads site is for people lucky enough that their card might just work – it will be GAME’d (new term?) within a month at this rate 😉

          • Yep, getting exactly the same problem.

            Tried 2 different cards, both verified with my bank earlier today, and they were both blocked as an untrusted transaction.

            Phoned my bank, they’ve authorised the cards for use with this system, and they’re still not going through.

            Really irritating; I’ve likely spent about £8 on hold to my bank trying to sort this out.

  2. JohnPeat #

    I just got a call back from my bank (Halifax) – the reason the transactions are being declined is – and this is their exact words – “because the vendor may not be an honest trader”.

    When I asked what that meant – they said they’d had a much higher than expected number of complaints relating to the vendor (they referred to Ztorm who run the site rather than PCWorld who’s branding it carries) and as a result they were blacklisted/transaction being automatically blocked.

    They said they could try to flag my account to accept the transaction but it might take “up to 14 days” to take effect and the amount of effort required here has far exceeded my patience threshold so I said not to bother.

    • JohnPeat #

      and even more info – this definately applies to anyone banking with the Lloyds group (so that’s Lloyds, TSB, Halifax, BoS and anyone else they’ve swallowed-whole) and possibly also to Barclays.

      Ztorm claim to be ‘working on it’ but I’d not hold-out for a quick solution…

    • @JohnPeat

      Nice work. That puts me out completely in that case, as my bank’s part of that group as well.

      • Wow, some incredible work there. Thanks very much for the info, saves me a lot of bother in trying to get it working.


  3. Matt P #

    Just to those who are having issues purchasing, try it with a HSBC account if you have one. It worked wonders for me! Thanks for the tip off regarding this deal, definitely the cheapest I’ve seen so far.

    • Jag #

      Yep I used an M&S credit card and it went through fine. (They’re part of the HSBC group)
      Sorry to all the guys and gals who are having issues :S

  4. Sussid #


    How exactly does this Digital Download -> register to Steam works? Am I only going to get a code for steam or…?

    • Lewie Procter #

      Yeah, they’ll email you a code which you then put into Steam.

  5. JohnPeat #

    I can now add Santander Debit Cards to the list of non-runners (Santander apparently call you up if you even try – clearly something WELL dodgy has occurred here before).

    • Real shame–they have some great deals on atm. Hopefully they’ll get a different payment partner.

    • …and I have to wonder: what do PC Gamer think, be affiliated as they are by the discount code? Do they even know?

  6. Chris #

    Works fine for me, debit card issued by Barclays – w00t?

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