15% Off GamersGate.com For Life

IGN are offering a range of freebies to entice users to sign up for their paid subscription service, IGN Prime. Included in said range of freebies are some free games or beta keys (including a Steam key for Rochard) and, far more excitingly, a code for GamersGate that lets you get 15% off any and all purchases from GamersGate, for life, including special offers.

You can register for a 7 day trial for IGN prime (and you’ll need to give them payment details) redeem the code on GamersGate, and then immediately cancel your IGN Prime membership (turn off autorenew here, and you’ll never get charged), and GamersGate will still honour the 15% discount. It’s a bit of a steal, hop to it. I’m not sure how long this offer will be available for.

Register for an IGN prime trial here here.

Cheers thechicken123 for the tip off.

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  1. Adam #

    Oh thank god.

    I thought my free IGN trial ended today, thankfully it hasn’t.

    I love you thechicken123 / Lewie!

  2. Red #

    They generally have a free indie game per month (last was Rochard) which is generally steam-registerable. You can re-up on the free trial as many times as you want, but you have to leave 5 days between uses. You also don’t have to cancel right away; you can change “auto-renwe” to off.

    • Lewie Procter #

      I actually think turning off autorenew is the only way to cancel. You’re membership will just expire at the end of the 7 days.

  3. Stephen #

    It’s a pretty sweet deal tbh, tempted to keep it subbed. Got a free copy of King Arthur which was nice.

  4. Mikebloke #

    Am I the only one who seemingly can’t get this to work? Would have loved the 15% off Gamersgate.

  5. Paul Moloney #

    Um, I’m having problems getting the GG code. I created an account on IGN Prime as required. However, then when I click on the offer, I’m actually taken to Fileplanet, where my password is different and where I’m told password retrieval is turned off.


    • Cooper #

      The sites have linked logins / are co-owned.

      When you get to the fileplanet page, login with the details you used for the IGN Prime account, regardless of whatever login you have used before for fileplanet.

      • Paul Moloney #

        Yup, I tried that and am getting “password incorrect”.


        • Rich #

          Same issue here – Has anybody been able to log in to the FilePlanet page?

  6. LordSelsig #

    Great find thechicken123
    I got the 15% off and a steam key for king arther and rochard which is also great

  7. Delusibeta #

    Yeah, I’ve dusted off my IGN account, just to find out I have to log in again to get Prime and I’m being told the my password (which they accepted 30 seconds ago) is incorrect. Hmm…

  8. Wago #

    Oh sweet, i got king arthus free aswell, I’ve been meaning to get this for so long.

  9. Mikebloke #

    How do I know if the 15% discount works?

    • Mikebloke #

      Oh, its at checkout. No wonder.

  10. @Jaffo #

    Nice one. Worked a treat. 🙂

  11. Chris #

    I too cannot log on to prime despite the email and password working fine on the main site

    • Chris #

      had to sign up with a completely new email, that site seems to be in a pretty poor condition

  12. Miker #

    Same as Chris and Paul above — got a Prime trial, but when I try and log into Fileplanet, it says incorrect password.

  13. unfairrobot #

    Worked fine for me. I had an existing, dust-covered IGN login which was OK.
    Free King Arthur, free Rochard, both registered on Steam.
    Seems like a decent service; contemplating staying on…
    Nice, thanks very much!

  14. Mavi #

    thanks a lot, I got the 15% off on gamersgate, but what about the free Steam games? where did you get them? I can’t find it anywhere 🙁 . is it just random and someone gets something and someone nothing, or am I just blind? 😀 Thanks for reply, Mavi

    • Mavi #

      oh dammit, I saw it just when I sent this message, nevermind then 🙂

  15. Paul Moloney #

    If you previously didn’t have an IGN or Fileplanet account, you may be fine, but looks like a lot of people are having problems judging by their forums. Poor form to launch their site in such a state. Good job I canceled my subscription straight away.


    • Miker #

      That’s my problem. Their CS rep replied to my post in the forums saying he issued a temporary fix, but it didn’t work. And now I’ve exceeded the login rate on Fileplanet :-/

    • renhoelder #

      Maybe it´s because there are alot of people milking the site for the free games? And IGN Prime has been around for about a year, if not longer.

  16. Po0py #

    Are you guys sure this 15% off for life only applies if your Prime subscription is still active?

    • renhoelder #

      Yup, well a lifetime is long time, at least it will continue after your Prime trial expires, my subscription expired and the discount is still active. It´s the same with the free games, I don´t think they´ll revoke the game after you have registered it with your Steam account.

  17. Darren #

    Where on gamersgate do you enter the code?

    Thanks in advance.

    • Darren #

      Never mind I found it.
      You have to follow the exact link they provide with the key, even if you already have a gamersgate account.

  18. squirrelfanatic #

    Thanks Lewie & thechicken123, great tip off! Registering the code on gamersgate worked fine for me, I had no previous IGN accounts.

  19. I can’t see the discount and I’m on my last day as prime, where can I see the code?

  20. downgrade #

    Well, I got through the subscription process and can not log in anymore. Something about them changing the login system comes up when I click “forgot password”.

    Then I look at the paypal mail: “You will be billed again 5 days before your current service period ends.”.

    So, if they don’t fix it till sunday, I will be subscribed for another three months. Let’s see what happens 😛

  21. Rack #

    They don’t seem to accept any combination of Username and or email to create a new account.

    • Mattress #

      Use Guerilla mail – few websites seem to have blacklisted it like they have hotmail/live and gmail. When you go to the Guerilla mail site, it automatically gives you a random account that lasts an hour. I signed up and got all the free stuff fine with it.

  22. woko #

    It looks like they removed the “Login into Prime” button, when you click the redeem link on IGN. Earlier you poped up on Fileplanet, but now you ended up in the same page.
    Or am I doing something wrong?

  23. Khab #

    It worked fine for me – free King Arthur and Rochard, and 15% off on Gamersgate. Sweeeeeeeeeet.

  24. Barely #

    I was having problems until I gave up and made a new account with a new gmail address and switched from Firefox to Opera, then everything worked fine.

    Once registered, I headed over to http://my.ign.com/prime/hub/, on the top right of that page is a box titled “15% off new PC games!”, just below that is the link to the Gamersgate code and a link to the page you can redeem it on. You may have to log in again to get the code, I did.

    The first box on the left/middle of the page has the title “Game Betas and Exclusive Gameplay Events”, this has the links to the Rochard and King Arthur serials, which can be used in Steam.

    it should be noted that the gamers gate 15% off thing is taken off the *final* price of your total order, so a $10 game with 50% off will be $5, and then you’ll get 15% off that $5. Its still bloody good, but if anyone was wondering….there it is.

    Kick ass work again, Savy gamer continues to be one of my favorite sites.

    • Barely #

      EDIT: If you’re getting the username/email combination error you might have an old account on either fileplanet, gamespy or IGN that is interfering. Use a new email account, new username and new password and it should work.

  25. Paul Moloney #

    For those like myself who found they could’t log in, try:


    One of the engineers posted this over in the forum, and I could log into IGN Prime. I _still_ can’t get into Fileplanet to get the discount though. *sigh*


    • downgrade #

      Thanks. At least I was able to turn auto renew off. Let’s see if they can fix the fileplanet login too so we can get our free stuffs.

  26. Bob #

    Is this offer still going, I created a prime account but can’t see anything about it.

    • David #

      It still works for me. Follow the excellent instructions of Barely further up, if you have any doubts 🙂

  27. Kieran #

    AS soon as I click on prime it logs me straight back out.

  28. Zoriel #

    Just logged in with my google account through https://s.ign.com/login … signed up for the trial, am logged in at the ign prime site but when i want to redeem a code, it says i need to be a prime member and asks me to login….but at this login page the google login doesnt work and the password recovery also doesnt work 🙁

  29. Duncan #

    Couldn’t get anywhere with Chrome, but Firefox let me make a new account with an old email, and everything’s sorted now. A bit tempted to carry on subscribing as the two free games are both decent. I’ll keep an eye on it if nothing else. Ta for highlighting.

  30. KindredPhantom #

    Registered a new account but it won’t for me, it won’t let me login in prime even though i signed up for a free trial.

  31. kikolores #

    Gamersgate Ign-Pet for the Minion just works on Gamersgate.com NOT gamersgate.co.uk 🙁

    • Martin #

      Same here, the 15% off discount only applies to the very underwhelming gamersgate Europe offers.
      Oh well, thank god for “auto-renew off”.

    • David #

      I went to:
      and put my key in there. It seems to work on every game.

  32. sonofsanta #

    Well worth the effort for King Arthur alone, seeing as I just added it to the top of my wishlist after Mr Stone’s KA2 waffle on RPS t’other day.

    Cheers muchly 😀

  33. tejo #

    Had to make new account, but all went well afterwards. The other bonuses are also nice, but the GG 15% is a real deal. 🙂

  34. kyrius #

    I can login to my IGN account, but can’t login while subscribing to IGN Prime… nice…

  35. Will this discount apply to all sales, even ones currently discounted because of ongoing sales?

    • Lewie Procter #

      Looks that way to me.

  36. anon #

    Old account won’t login, tried making new account with several emails, no dice.

  37. Same issue, took me 30 minutes before I was able to log in. I’ve also lost access to my Direct2Drive games since the service moved to Gamefly. Cancelled my auto-renewal. For anyone who hasn’t cancelled auto-renewal watch https://ign.uservoice.com/forums/61837-my-ign/suggestions/2516406-fix-login-problem#comments.

  38. anon #

    I finally managed to sign up, but the splash screens for the games\discount keep telling me “You must be an IGN Prime Member to get the Indie Game of the Month” and offers me the free trial I already signed up for :/. I’m logged in.

    • sad #

      Same problem 🙁

  39. Matt #

    I’m signed up for the trial with a completely new name and email, but when I click the 15% offer it tells me I need to be a Prime member and to sign up for a free trial.

    • Matt #

      Well I managed to FilePlanet, but I’m not sure what to do from here. Do I need to create a new account for FilePlanet? The email address I’m using for IGN Prime doesn’t have an associated FilePlanet account.

  40. Rodrigo #

    I think the free trial ended. Can’t see it anymore.

  41. Rich #

    Well their support department never responded to my ticket.

    In conclusion, not a great way to treat new customers who were genuinely interested in the service. Cancelled.

  42. Zoriel #

    I finally got it to work now. I logged in through https://s.ign.com/login ; then got the message to login when i wanted to get the keys and got redirected to fileplanet. There i chose the password recovery function, which now works again, changed my password and logged in afterwards. Then i went back to the IGN Prime site and could recieve the codes.

    • Rodrigo #

      Through this link I get the button for free trial to appear, but after that I can’t find where to select the free trial.

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