Saints Row: The Third, PC – £9.99

Saints Row: The Third, PC – £9.99 delivered

Registers on Steam.

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  1. The Russian Bear #

    Can confirm it uses steam for activation.

    • Tony Heugh #

      Thank you, Mr Bear.

  2. Is that really digital distribution? Since it’s coming from Play, Isn’t it retail?

    • Tony Heugh #

      My bad, just a misclick. Fixed it now.

  3. Jon #

    Thanks for this, been waiting to grab this for under a Tenner! 🙂

  4. Phoxer #

    Looks like they only ship the delivery to the UK.. bastards.. no love for the rest of the world..

  5. This has been price-matched on Amazon.

  6. Jon #

    Just goes to show it pays to wait a month or to for any new release. Also thanks to this website I now tend to get all my games cheaper then I did on Steam and get a nice box to go with it.

  7. Jon #

    Just thought I’d point out this is now up to £15, but still a bargain at that price, fantastic game.

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