Grainger Games Coupon Glitch

Everyone’s favourite Northern games retailer Grainger Games have got a coupon for 10% off preowned games, accessories and consoles. If you apply coupon “MERRYXMAS”, you get 10% off.

However, they have accidentally set it up so that the coupon applies the discount to your current basket contents, then you can modify your basket, without it updating the discount to reflect the new contents.

You could, for example, add all of the used consoles they have in stock here, apply the coupon, then remove all the consoles but one, to get a massive discount applied to the console.

Have fun, they might update the website in the morning.

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  1. Protome #

    You can also remove all but one preowned object and use the discount on something new.
    I recommend one of the cheapest preowned (a copy of Max Payne for £1.99) after you get your massive discount.
    Got £100 off a PS Vita, I fully expect the order to be cancelled by morning, but if by some miracle they actually make good on them, that’d be great.

  2. They may be able to generate a little positive feeling by honouring a large percentage of these orders. And if they just HAPPEN to be games journo’s who were at the GMA’s then… Well you can guess the rest.

  3. xruiner89 #

    Not many used console in stock at all :/

  4. Oliver #

    Not many of anything pre-owned, your best of just adding a bunch of used accessories and then removing them all but one

    I doubt these will get honoured, specially since I got a 4gb xbox360 and white 3DS for £20 and then pre-ordered a 3G/WIFI Vita for £80 🙂

    Still gotta be in it to win it

  5. xruiner89 #

    That’s Battlefield 3 used, a 3ds and Vita 3g for £25, not that bad a price.

  6. Oliver #

    Unfortunately until we get an e-mail saying despatched, nothing is confirmed 🙁

  7. xruiner89 #

    Kind of wish i registered then placed an order so i could keep an eye on it in my account but sadly ordered without making an account with them. So all i have is an e-mail with order number and details.

  8. John Skelton #

    Probably not wise to completely take the piss here. Using this to get cheap Vitas is a good way of nobody getting anything cheap.

  9. umar #

    I feel so dirty for doing this D:

  10. Sam #

    I didn’t push my luck too much hoping that they might overlook my order when cancelling all the console orders, picked up the two latest Mario games (Kart and Land) for £20…Again, wish I’d of created an account so I could track it!

  11. Thanks for pointing this issue out.

    Unfortunately we have had to decline any orders where the code has been incorrectly applied.

    A full refund has been issued to all of these orders.

    We apologise for the inconvenience.

  12. MJFrog #

    The offer’s been removed. The code doesn’t work any more and my order from earlier has been refunded.

    • Matchstick #

      When you say refunded, do you jut mean the order has been cancelled or did they acually take money from your card when you placed the order ?

      If they did take money then Grainger Games might have a slight problem with contract law. if they decide to start cancelling orders
      (couldnt happen to a nicer bunch if that is the case)

      • Jaec #

        I believe he paid by PayPal so GG wouldn’t of had a choice about when to take the money. Under the Sale of Goods Act, sale contracts have to be agreed by both parties to be valid and while I haven’t checked they should (if they’re smart) of had a clause in their T+Cs that says that they only agree to sales once they dispatch the goods, this way they can cancel orders even if money has already paid.

        What they couldn’t do under any circumstance is ask you for more (or the rest of in this case) money once you’ve paid.

  13. Barely #

    Showing invalid code for me now, I can’t wait to see if they honor this stuff though.

  14. JohnPeat #

    @Barely – you could read the post 2 above yours for an answer to that – the obvious answer, really.

  15. Barely #

    Well yes, look at that. I swear that wasn’t there when I posted.

    Its a shame really, but its understandable.

  16. Processing #

    Well, my orders (i have made 4) are still in “processing order” status.

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