Saints Row: The Third [Professor Genki Limited Edition], PC – £18.90

Saints Row: The Third [Professor Genki Limited Edition], PC – £18.90 delivered

Apply coupon “5SAINTS3-1” and “EXM5OFF25-1”.

Registers on Steam.

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  1. Adam #


    Does anyone know if I cancel my order will I be able to use BOTH vouchers again?

    • Adam #

      Phoned up Tesco and they say you can only use 1.

      I think I’m going to cancel it and create a tesco account with another email address, then order it there.

      Yes, I’m that cheap.

  2. byateammate #

    Amazing price! works fine just only shows up when you go to the 2nd stage of ordering

  3. cowthief skank #

    Yeah I can also confirm it worked. £18.90 – incredible price. Glad I waited to pre-order…

  4. MegaAndy #

    Right thats it I’m getting a 3rd big new game in a month !

  5. Scott #

    Great find, that’s a heap.

  6. leeder_krenon #

    hmm, think they’ve gotten rid of the ‘5SAINTS3-1’ code as it’s not accepting that one for me.

    • Lewie Procter #

      Looks like the offer was “capped at 1000 redemptions”. So I guess that has ran out now.

      • leeder_krenon #

        ah, shame. thanks for clarifying!

  7. Jim #

    Yeah the 5SAITNS3-1 code isn’t working for me. The EXM5OFF25-1 is though. Ah well, 24 quid still ain’t that shabby.

  8. khalil daou #

    does this work outside the UK?

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