How to get a free Arkham City Catwoman pass (Xbox 360)

I’ve been unable to verify this myself, because the line has been busy, but if you have any intention of buying a preowned copy of Arkham City on the 360 at some point down the line, you can currently get a free Catwoman pass, to save you some money further down the line.

1. Call 0207 984 6480.
2. Tell them you bought the game in Asda today and were told to call this number for your missing Catwoman code.
3. You’ll need to give them the location of your nearest Asda, and a name (will not have to be your real name) and an email address (where they will send the code)
4. Wait a few hours, and you will be emailed a code.

Cheers PenLlawen for the tip off.

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  1. Wild Bill #

    This is naughty

  2. Adam #


    Not too short!

  3. Lewie Procter #

    I think Batman would approve.

  4. Bryn #

    May try in a bit!

  5. Damien #

    Sorry if I’ve missed something, but does this not come with the game anyway (genuine question)? Just with you saying if you’re gonna buy a ‘preowned’ copy. If not I might give it a try.

  6. sadasd #

    Just called up now (5:45pm), gave the nice lady my details, and she promised to email me a code, so so far this seems legit.

  7. Sadasd #

    Just received the code! Email came from an address at

    • dnttuchme #

      What did you use as the location?

  8. Diziet #

    So it’s Fraud then?

  9. Beebop #

    Yes it’s fraud, and to be honest I’m pretty disgusted that Savygamer is endorsing it.

    I’ll be emailing in my tip to get any game for free later, I’ll give you a hint, it involves Piratebay.

  10. Persus-9 #

    This does strike me as a little beyond the pale. I’m slightly worried that the people who actually bought the game and didn’t get the code are going to end up getting shafted over this abuse of the system.

    • JC #

      It’s a really shit practice, and Warner/Rocksteady can create as many codes as they like, so everyone can have one really. Arkham City is amazing, but the amount of preorder bullshit that has gone on with it is ridiculous. Not sure why they’d want to deny so many people the full content of the game…

      • Mal #

        It’s not hard to figure out why they have a one-use DLC code with new copies of the game – It gives console players incentive to buy a new copy, instead of a used copy that doesn’t give any money to the publisher or developer.

        • Rich #

          Alternatively, create games that have enough content that you don’t want to trade them in after a few days, which oddly, I don’t think Arkham City is guilty of.

          I think this is more of a case of encouraging early adopters: Most games I buy nowadays are either second hand, or cheap. Same goes for DLC. Getting DLC for free for being one of the first to buy it is actually a fairly good idea.

  11. David Hoad #

    This truly dose work I just phoned and they give me it straight away

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