Sony Ericisson Xperia Play – £169.99

Sony Ericisson Xperia Play – £169.99 delivered

Apply coupon “DISCOUNT”.

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  1. Mega_Andy #

    I can’t seem to buy it, i go to trolley but theres no buttons to checkout because its out of stock.

    • Mega_Andy #

      their loss, got it from unlocked

  2. Toothball #

    Oops, I just bought one following the last post about them being £199. Really happy with it so far though.

  3. Jon #

    I might be missing something here, but how are these so cheap already?

  4. Joker #

    I tried to buy one last night but I had trouble getting them to accept my card. Shame, looks like I’ll have to wait for Expansys.

    • Toothball # are selling them for £199 too. I was waiting for the Expansys stock but got mine on Friday though Play.

  5. MizuhoChan #

    Pity. I’d probably have bought this if I’d have been in time, since it has a video player that can play 720p mkv perfectly.

    Guess I’ll just wait longer till it goes down in price.

    • I’m very interested in a gaming device/PMP that can play 720p MKVs, which app will allow this? Does this app work with other Android devices?

      • MizuhoChan #

        I searched on google for it and found this thread.

        Apparently it’s a program called Moboplayer and supports hardware accleration for the xperia play. I’d want it for the mkv with subtitles for anime. I’m not sure how it fares on other android devices though, I’ve never actually had an android device before.

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