Portal 2, PS3/PC/Mac – £21.25

Portal 2, PS3/PC/Mac – £21.25 delivered

Apply coupon “15MAY-1”.

After having registered the free PC/Mac version, you can trade in the PS3 version at Gamestation for £29 via CEX pricematch.

Edit: Or take it to CEX and get cash. You’ll get Portal 2 for effectively free, and get £4.75 profit for your trouble.

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  1. Menhel #

    It’s £25 now. Does it need a code or has it increased.

    • Apply coupon “15MAY-1″.

    • Lewie Procter #

      Yeah, sorry, I missed out the coupon initially.

  2. Peter #

    I figure this is a longshot, but if anyone does this for him, can he pick an extra copy and help out a guy from Europe ? 😀

    • nofing #

      You could as well just get it at http://www.game.co.uk/ (or http://shop.gameplay.co.uk/ )
      PC/Mac version is £14.99
      PS3/PC/Mac version is £22.99

      Shipping charges are £2.95 per order.

      • Peter #

        I would, if those bastards would actually ship to Romania.Ah well…i’ll wait for thehut/shopto t drop their prices.

  3. Paul #

    Pretty sure Portal 2 is £19.99 in store at GameStation atm.

  4. James #

    Would this work without owning a ps3?

    • Lewie Procter #

      You need access to a PS3, but only as a one off.

      How it works is that you boot the game on a PS3, then pair the logged in PSN account with your Steam account. Once you have done this, you are then able to activate the single use serial in the box on the PC version of Steam.

      If someone you know has a PS3 and the game, you can get them to do it all for you (as long as you trust them with your Steam details).

  5. Theo #

    If you buy several and don’t open it, then you’ll get an extra 2 pounds for the code.

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