Frozen Synapse, PC x2 – £11.89

Frozen Synapse, PC x2 – £11.89

Apply coupon “STANCHER”

You get the current beta build, and keys to register on Steam when it releases.

Cheers James for the tip off.

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  1. BillyTheFish #

    any one know where the coupon goes?
    Ta, BTF

    • Lewie Procter #

      The bit labelled “Update Coupon” at the payment screen.

      • BillyTheFish #

        Ah, only appears if you pay by CC, doesn’t seem to appear if you pay via paypal.

        • Hi,

          You can still use a coupon with Paypal, you have to just click “continue” once you’ve entered your Paypal information, to come back into the main payment system where you can enter the coupon.

          Sorry about the faff – not under my control, sadly.



          Mode 7

          • Lewie Procter #

            Cheers Paul.

  2. Lightbulb #

    Weird thing. I tried to enter the coupon on the Premium version of the game but as soon as I hit update coupon it purchased the game. Was £4 more expensive than otherwise…

    Oh well 🙁

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