The SavyGamer Podcast: 4th Birthday Special

It’s been a long time, but since SavyGamer is four years old today, we thought it was about time we put together a birthday special podcast.

It’s like the other podcasts we did back in the day, but birthdayier.

The SavyGamer Podcast: 4th Birthday Special

Me on Rock Paper Shotgun
Me on Eurogamer
Crunchtime on 4od.
RPS Social Club: Up North, May 28th
We R SavyGamers

Also. Er, this is a bit embarrassing. I may have lost my backups of previous podcasts back when my old host has a major balls up (not their fault, I moved hosts because of the balls up and did not back up the audio files).

If anyone has any/all the old podcasts somewhere, and could send them to me, I’d be massively appreciative. Get in touch here.

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