Brink, PC – £20.89

Brink, PC – £20.89 delivered

Apply coupon “AMA5”.

Register on Steam.

Cheers Sami for the tip off.

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  1. Wow, that’s cheap. If it wasn’t for me wanting pre-order tat (and a box that says “Limited Edition”), I’d have changed pre-order. Thankfully I had loads of GAME points, so only had to pay £25.

    PS: Also, GAME tends to be good with pre-order deliveries arriving on time, so I just stick with what I know.

    • Imperial Creed #

      Not too pushed about pre-order gubbins for Brink myself, so I went for this. I would’ve grabbed the D2D offer on Savy a while back but D2D won’t sell Brink in Ireland for some reason. Never ordered off MyMemory before so I’ve no idea when it’ll actually arrive, but I can wait a few days.

      • I booked time off work to play this, so I can’t wait.

        Could you guess that I’m looking forward to this? ^.^

  2. Spyder #

    You would be mad to pass this opportunity.

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