Nintendo 3DS [Black/Blue] – £217.85

Update: Zavvi are now pricing the console at £217.85 delivered [Black/Blue], with a free case. Zavvi are notorious for having delayed orders and generally rubbish customer service, so it might be worth paying the extra £2.14 to go with Amazon.

Nintendo 3DS [Black/Blue] – £219.99 delivered

I guess my speculation was wrong.

Nintendo didn’t officially announce a price for the 3DS today, instead letting retailers break the news to gamers that they would be charged more (even taking into account VAT) than American or Japanese gamers.

It’s entirely possible, and even likely, that somewhere else will undercut this price between now and release. If Amazon put the price up, you’ll still get charged £219.99, and if they drop the price, you’ll automatically get the lower price.

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  1. Martin #

    Zavvi are offering a console plus a case at £217 and an awkward number of pence. Given their reputation, I dont know if it’s a wise option, but it’s an option.

    • Lewie Procter #

      Aye, just got an email about that. updated.

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