Steam Christmas Sale leak?

Does this really count as a leak? I think probably. Either way, I bet I got your attention with that question mark headline, sucker. These are some indie packs that have been added to the Steam registry, which I don’t know what it is.

Indie Smart pack: Lumines, Droplitz, Puzzle Agent, Quantz
2D pack: Bullet Candy, Geometry Wars, Super Laser Racer, VVVVVV, Galcon Fusion
Heavy Hitters: Audio Surf, Shattered Horizon, World of Goo, Zeno Clash
Fright Pack: The Path, Zombie Driver, Scourge Project, The Void, Burn Zombie Burn
Fantasy Pack: Spectromancer, Fairie Solitaire, Fortix, Bob Came in Pieces, NyxQuest
Flight Pack: Every Day Shooter, Gratuitious Space Battles, Dogfighter, Flotilla, Guns of Icarus
Adventure Pack: Gish, And Yet It Moves, Mr Robot, Samarost, Jolly Roger
Kids Pack: Toki Tori, Crayon Physics, Secret of Magic Crystal, Max & Magic Marker, Delve Deeper
Beat Pack: Rhythm Zone, Beat Hazard, Turba, Chime, Bit Trip Beat
Future Pack: Uplink, Twin Sector, Hammerfight, System Protocol, Hacker Evolution
Brain Pack: Big Brain Wolf, Windowsill, Zen Bound 2, Diamond Dan, Puzzle Bots
Mix Pack: Darwinia, Defcon, Cogs, Eufloria, Plain Sight

It certainly looks like the kind of sale items Steam might have over Christmas. 12 indie bundles for the 12 days of Christmas? It’s also about time the phenomenal Every Day Shooter goes on sale too. Going by the pricing of the Thanksgiving sale, these packs will probably be £3.99/£3.50 each.

There is also one massive indie pack:
Indie Potato Pack: Amnesia, Bit.Trip.Beat, Toki Tori, Red Orchestra, Killing Floor, Darkest Hour, Audio Surf, Wonderful End of the world, Defense Grid, AaaaaAAaaaAAAaaAAAAaAAAAA!!! A Reckless Disregard for Gravity, The Ball, Cogs, Braid, Super Meat Boy

Also mentioned are:
TellTale complete pack
Alien Breed pack

So maybe hold off buying any TellTale or Alien Breed games in the meantime.

If you want a reminder of what the last Steam Christmas sale looked like, check out this post on it.

Thanks LovingSteam of Neogaf for being in the know.

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  1. SAeN #

    I’m guessing the sale will go live on Monday? That would coincide with the end of the treasure hunt.

  2. Diziet #

    I would question that list in one respect. The inclusion of Lumines in the Indie Smart Pack. It’s published outside Japan by Ubisoft and has seen major releases across all the platforms but was, imo, mostly notable for being a playstation/psp release. Hardly Indy. Other games developed by the same guys are Ninety Nine Nights and upcoming Kinect/Move game Child of Eden.

    Of course none of what I’ve just typed calls into question the veracity of the list. It’s just Lumines is an odd choice for ‘Indy’.

    • Lewie Procter #

      I might be wrong, but I think the PC version was self released. There isn’t really a perfect definition of “indie game” anyway, but you do raise a good point.

  3. Dan #

    hmm i wonder how much that giant potato pack would be, if it’s under 15 quid i’ll get it.

    • Lewie Procter #

      Hard to say. Based on the pricing of the other packs, £4 for 5 games, that would make it £12, but that seems way too low considering there are two high profile recent releases. Super Meat Boy alone sells for £12.

  4. cosby #

    now i spend my money cause i’ll not buy any of them thanks lewie:D

  5. Rob #

    Just bought Super Meat Boy as well…

  6. Luke #

    Bought too many individual indy games to make these packs a really good deal though.

  7. Tecman #

    “…have been added to the Steam registry, which I don’t know what it is.”

    It’s the ClientRegistry.blob file. It sits right inside the Steam installation folder and is also one of possible fixes for any Steam woes (“Delete ClientRegistry.blob” sits right next to “Restart Steam”). Long story short, some people have written an application that disassembles the file in such a format where you can look at the various Steam ID entries (even upcoming ones sometimes, or deals that never happened like Neverwinter Nights, Supreme Commander 1 and its expansion and A Vampyre Story, as examples of those) or game packs. So sometimes you can use it as a crystal ball showing you upcoming but unannounced titles. It’s just that it’s never 100% precise, since some deals just don’t happen and some deals don’t get added to the registry beforehand they’re actually released.


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