Amazon Black Friday: Monday

Today marks the start of Amazon’s Black Friday sale, with a bunch of deals all day, everyday, up until Friday. They have promised “Over 60% off Microsoft Xbox consoles & Nintendo Wii consoles”, and sure enough they have already made their stock of the 250gb Xbox 360 and Black Nintendo Wii unavailable, so it’s safe to bet it’ll be these two being reduced. If Amazon are discounting just the consoles on their own, it’d be sub £80 for one of the shiny new 250gb 360s and sub £72 for a Black Wii. The deals kick off at 9am, with new deals arriving on the hour every hour. Some items we know what they are (but not how much they will be discounted by), and some are a surprise.

Updates on what is on offer at any one time can be found here. The better deals will probably go out of stock very quickly, so check back regularly.

Here are the gaming related or unknown deals to look out for over the next 24 hours, and a schedule for when they will be available:

10.00am: Unknown item “A great muggle evening in”. Harry Potter related? There have been lots of Harry Potter games.
11.00am: Goldeneye 3 [Collector’s Edition], Wii. Current Price £49.89
11.00am: Unknown item
12.00pm: Unknown item
1.00pm: Unknown item “The building blocks to a happy Christmas”. Presumably LEGO.
2.00pm: Unknown item “Spin that record babe, like Lady GaGa.” DJ Hero 2 has Lady GaGa on the tracklist.
3.00pm: Unknown item
4.00pm: Vanquish, Xbox 360/PS3. Current Price £20.99
4.00pm: Unknown item
6.00pm: Unknown item
6.00pm: Unknown item “If you don’t want square eyes, look away”
9.00pm: Unknown item “Capture Christmas memories, forever”

Everything else can be seen here.

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  1. StrongBow #

    This is actually quite exciting, can’t wait to see what happens.

    If it’s anything like the American Black Friday sales it will be limited stock and limited time.

  2. Martin #

    “If Amazon are discounting just the consoles on their own, it’d be sub £80 for one of the shiny new 250gb 360s and sub £72 for a Black Wii.”

    Given that, if like me, you own an old xbox- you can trade it in for in excess of £80 depending on model, that makes this seem a very economical upgrade indeed…

    • Lewie Procter #

      I had the exact same thought.

      • Charlie #

        Sorry, with all respect, but I think you’re completely off the mark. They might be reduced a bit, but it’s all just fancy wording by Amazon, I’m sure the consoles will come up on offer, but they won’t come down any where near that cheap.

      • Oliver #

        @charlie: nah. They were pretty explicit. More than enough that advertising standards could start fining them if they didn’t.
        What they will be doing is pricing it up as an advertising thing (which is what it is really). Suppose they sell the wii for £70, lets say thats a loss of £50 (I have no real ideal what the margin is on this). Then they decide, say to offer 500 of them at that price (note: no legal obligation to say you are out of stock of something you are in stock of*), thats a mere £25,000 cost to get all the tech websites, and the social websites and (I predict) most importantly, the mainstream press (sun, mail, etc and perhaps even tv news) talking about them (and the story of bringing black friday to the UK). For that kind of coverage, thats fairly cheap.

        *to my knowledge. IANAL.

      • StrongBow #

        Oliver is right, and also there are limited numbers, they could even have as little as 25 consoles availabel and still claim that they’ll give 60% off.

        And Lewie is right in his calculation because he’s going by RRP – 60%, not the usual amazon price that some of the other tech sites have mistakenly calculated 60% off of.

  3. Mac #

    LOL – have you got the email from regarding their black friday sale? Marmite is 80% off … who on earth buys Marmite from Amazon?

  4. Dave T #

    Would it be wishful thinking if they did a deal on COD: BLOPS at some point?

    • StrongBow #

      If you do get it, get it for a console. I’m not gonna start a COD BLOPS debate here, but I’m still back and forth with activision support about the stuttery gameplay on PC, as are a lot of people who have rigs way in excess of the minimum spec.

  5. Oliver #

    They let you filter by product type, so we can take a guess at which unknowns we are going to care about. Also, selecting upcoming from the drop-down seems to make more appear.

    10am: dvd&bluray related. Probably the potter 1-6 box set.
    2pm:gaming. as you said, most likely dj hero 2
    8pm:gaming: ‘time the last little piggy went home’ – the wii?

    none of the other unknowns seem interesting.
    Also, I note the first set of things sold out in <1m

  6. Wow, there are some folk whining on the Amazon forums. I mean, sure, it would be great if they had enough deals for everybody, but then you can hardly expect massive below cost reductions.

  7. Dan #

    You have about 3-4 seconds to purchase something in the daily deals.

  8. Adam F #

    I’m…puzzled by this sale. Watched the Goldeneye Collector’s Edition sale tick down… 00:03, 00.02:, 00.01, *click* ‘Buy’, Sold Out. Didn’t even get to Basket/Payment page. They patently have <50 units on most of the stuff, and anything remotely desirable will sell out in 1-2 seconds. This isn't really about offering great deals – more about getting people on the site and hoping that they stick around to buy something out of disappointment.

    I reckon people's time is worth more than the constant checking and failed attempts this sale will require – but others may have more luck than me.

  9. Joe #

    Is there supposed to be a spelling error in your URL?

    Isn’t it spelled ‘Savvy’?

  10. Will #

    Maybe I’m going mad… but where is this page that I should be looking at for the countdown and stuff?

  11. Kieran John #

    Cheers for this Lewie, I wouldn’t have even known that the deals were on. I’m going to try and snag the mountain bike when it comes up on offer at 1pm

  12. Mr.Biscuit #

    I think the 2 PM sale could be one of the just dance games, as “spin that record babe” is a lyric from the gaga song, Just Dance. just a hunch though

  13. Goatmonkey #

    Man the sales are over in a second seems too gimmicky but awesome if you get something, going to try for vanquish not holding out much hope of getting an xbox though have to stick with the ps3 and pc

    • Goatmonkey #

      Haha only got £3 cheaper its already been less than that hope steam has some better sales

      • Damien #

        I noticed that. It was already cheaper on Zavvi, same price on Play, sure there was somewhere else too. Most of these discounts aren’t worth checking back for.

  14. The key phrase with the Amazon deals is “up to”. Most things, particularly gaming things, will not have as much off as you might be expecting. Or if they do, it’ll just be to bring them into line with current offers on other websites. The Vanquish deal has proved that… I can’t see any way they’ll have 50% or 60% off any consoles, myself.

  15. Adam #

    I’d love to get that xbox.

    Shame I don’t have £80 and all the items are being sold out in 20 seconds :/

    • Goatmonkey #

      twenty seconds would be fine that it’s over in less than one is the problem

  16. Well, a Wii just went for 50 quid. I stand very corrected!

  17. 8pm was the Wii + Sports Resort / Motion Plus bundle for £50. Great deal, existed for at least one second before the website ground to a halt and then all gone.

    Obviously a great deal if you want a Wii but stock level vs internet F5ers mean you might as well enter some promo competitions, you’ve got just as much chance of winning a prize.

  18. beckkkyy---aannn #

    somethign is obviously not right
    as soon as you click on it it goes and you have to go through basket and everything first
    cant believe i missed out on the nintendo wii 🙁

  19. Lewie Procter #

    I managed to get myself a Wii for £50. 🙂

    • Out of curiosity, what browser were you using? In FF I seem to get stuck in a perpetual queue, similar trouble with IE. In Opera the offers don’t even appear, although curiously when I masked as FF it ended up queuing for a few seconds, before flicking to ‘sold out,’ which seemed to be the correct behaviour. (Although I’d prefer to ‘win’)

      • Lewie Procter #

        Chrome, but I got the perpetual queue on other items too.

      • Thanks. Just a case of keep trying then. I’m finding this strangely enjoyable, its probably a good thing that I never fully got into eBay.

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