Xbox 360 60gb – £68.99

Xbox 360 60gb – £68.99 delivered

Apply coupon “MVCXmas10”.

Comes with a 12 month warranty from GAME, but the 60gb model came out on the 1st of September 2008, so by the luck of the draw you might get one that has more than 12 months left on the 3 year RROD/E73 warranty from MS. These all have HDMI too.

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  1. Sam #

    Is this the lowest price (decent) 360 at the moment?

    • Lewie Procter #

      I don’t know of any 360 cheaper elsewhere, with or without hard drive/HMDI out.

  2. Damien #

    It’s saying £74.99 now.

    • Lewie Procter #

      “Apply coupon “MVCXmas10″.”

      • Damien #

        Ahh my bad, browser was playing up. Wouldn’t actually let me apply it.

        In other news, you’ve already helped me save enough to buy next years presents, too!

        Well, nearly!

        Appreciate it.

  3. Seriously #

    Seriously…do you think he would post a more expensive one here if it wasn’t? Jesus.

    • Lewie Procter #

      Now now, some people might be new to SavyGamer.

      But yeah, the basic rule is that if you see it posted here, then at time of writing it is the cheapest deal for whatever it is, or I have slipped up.

  4. Chibou #

    2008 ? So you can’t avoid the rrod soon or later…

  5. Rich #

    This is odd. It says £74.99. I click “Add to Basket” and it changes to £99.99.
    I click “Remove from Basket” and it goes back to £74.99.

    • Rich #

      Gah, all the prices have gone up £25. Guess the cheaper ones are gone.

  6. Rich #

    Hey Lewie this deal is pretty much expired. The code still works, but there aren’t any that are cheap enough to go down to £68.99.

    Shame, I was seriously considering it.

  7. Lewie Procter #

    Yeah, that is a shame, they have bumped up the price.

    I shall keep an eye out for cheap 360s.

    • Rich #

      Please do.

      I wonder, does GAME increase their prices dynamically, as demand increases?
      Rather than, say, price individual units.

      If so, I’m going to have to be a bit quicker on the draw.

      • Lewie Procter #

        I wonder the same.

        I also wonder if the department in charge of coupons don’t talk to the pricing department very often.

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