Alpha Protocol, PC – £2.25

Update: This offer is no longer available it would seem, hopefully you managed to get a serial before they realised they were selling it at ~90% off.

Alpha Protocol, PC – £2.25

This offer is only officially possible to get in certain parts of Europe, but by using this workaround you can get it anywhere:

1. Go to this proxy. Any proxy for a country that is participating should work, but this is the one I used.
2. Visit “” via the proxy
3. Register an account with Green Man Gaming
4. Close the proxy, and go back to the Green Man Gaming homepage. Log in with the account you just registered.
5. Purchase Alpha Protocol for €2.49, paying via paypal.
6. You’ll be given a serial, which you can activate on Steam.

Cheers to Iván for the heads up.

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  1. Err… I see no link there?

    • Lewie Procter #

      Silly me, added it now, cheers.

  2. Mags #

    Heh… I traded in The Void that I got for free from Green Man Gaming promo, so I got Alpha Protocol for zero bucks. I feel kind of dirty now.

  3. #

    Anyone know if this works from, ahem, Sweden? Do they check your payment details for a location as well as your IP?

    • #

      Welp, bought via Spain.

  4. Cable #

    How does this register on steam? It isn’t on the retail cd key list :/

  5. I can really recommend this – flawed, but great. Massively, massively flawed, but worth many playthroughs.

  6. mamac #

    that link just comes up with it as £19.95

  7. Fnerk #

    Damn, even if I could be bothered to find a way around the UK-block, I’ve no money and I can’t trade in the couple of games I have against it.

  8. mamac #

    so i used a german proxy, logged in and it changes back to UK

  9. Miles #

    It works! Bought it over a proxy, probably not too wise…

    • mamac #

      then what do you do with the key ?

      • Ricc #

        You just have to open your Steam client and enter the key into the “Activate Product on Steam” box. Works without a problem.

        I also traded in a previously free game (Necrovision) and still have 3,51€ left. :3

  10. JohnS #

    Huh, I’m in Sweden and it gives me the price in dollars (29.95 of them). What am I doing wrong?

  11. Lewie Procter #

    I’ve updated a post with a guide to how do a workaround. Should work for everyone.

  12. Adam Hepton #

    This is one of the finest deals ever to grace SavyGamer, its deliciousness added to with its deviousness. I salute you, good ship SavyGamer.

  13. mentor07825 #

    I fucking love you. <3

  14. mszb #

    Is this a glitch, or a proper price? They wouldn’t revoke the serial if it’s the former, right? Right?

    Anyway, thanks Lewie, amazing deal.

    • Lewie Procter #

      If it is a glitch, I’m fairly sure Valve wouldn’t let them revoke them.

  15. You don’t even need to create a new account, you can log in to an existing one via the proxy, and it seems to work just fine. When I went back to the site outside of the proxy, it was offering me prices in Euro.

    • Uggh, actually chickened out last minute. A bit worried that something will end up going wrong, and I’ll end up with my Steam account locked. Pretty sure that European trading law means there shouldn’t be any restrictions on me bagging the cheap price, but frankly the argument is one I’d rather not have if my Steam account were being held to ransom at the time.

      • mszb #

        You can always create a separate account for it…

  16. ceber #

    Adam, are you joking? Obviously this is not a deal, but gmg’s mistake in european price (i’m pretty sure it’s supposed to be not 2,49€ but 24,90€). Eploiting this by delivering proxy-based guide is simply evil. Tomorrow on ebay and other auction sites you will find bunch of offers with “$10 Cheap Steam Alpha Protocol” keys or even accounts, and gmg will pay for that mistake maybe even by going bankrupt.

    • Goatmonkey #

      Now I feel bad even more so as I used a cryostasis trade in I got with their free start up promotion

  17. mamac #

    really dont want to get my steam account banned!!!

  18. PurePareidolia #

    Got it, thanks a lot.

    I see no reason why, even if this is a mistake, it should be held as our fault – they’re responsible for their pricing, not us. Even then, registering it on steam is a separate matter entirely. Valve has no incentive to ban our accounts because they made a mistake with pricing.

  19. Luckz #

    Warning: this adds as “Alpha Protocol – GMG” (GMG = Green Man Gaming) to Steam. Whatever that means.

  20. They appear to have corrected the price. Less than five minutes after I caved and decided to risk it. Will hold of using the code for a while in case they decide to be awkward about it.

  21. Seems to be back to ‘normal’ price now, at €24.99…

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