APB Steam refund update

If you bought APB from Steam, apparently EA are now offering a free game as a refund. Valve put up a brick wall, but EA are making up for the fact that customers who bought their game ended up with nothing to show for it.

If you contact them through this site, and tell them you’d like another game to replace APB, they will give you any game currently available on the EA Store. I don’t think that they will let you get preorders, but it’s worth a shot.

You can pick from the likes of Mass Effect 2, Dragon Age: Origins, Spore, The Saboteur, Burnout Paradise: The Ultimate Box, Battlefield: Bad Company 2 and all sorts of other stuff.

Thanks to CHooligans for the heads up.

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  1. Wodge #

    I saw a post on 4chan about this, seems people are wrangling some pre orders out of it, dragon age 2 and medal of honour seem to be up for grabs, having a go myself right this minute.

  2. I’m glad EA have stepped up, but it seems like some kind of BS that you can’t get refunds off of Steam in situations like this. For anyone unsure of what to pick up, I can say with some certainty that BF:BC2 is one the best in the series, and I rather enjoyed The Saboteur when I played it on the 360. Think Assassin’s Creed with dynamite.

    • sassy #

      Why should steam give refunds in this situation? You expect them to refund something which has nothing to do with them? They don’t control the servers, nor did they have any part in the game other than being a retailer. Would you expect gamestop to give a refund?

      If steam was giving refunds it would just cost them money, you want a full refund and yet not all the money spent went to Valve. So really you’re wanting them to give up more money then they made simply because a server they didn’t run got shut down. What next? refunds for games that the planned sequels were canceled? How about games that are no longer compatible? … you are expecting way too much.

      • How is EA giving them out any different? They’re the publisher. They don’t “have” to give them out, but it’s good customer service. The moment they agreed to sell a game without checking out whether it would last more than a month, they’re hardly blameless.

      • Bairdie #

        yeah, steam doesnt have to do refunds, they just present a platform to sell/buy games on, and get money from the advertising… but its still worth steam users trying to get a refund off ea

      • sassy #

        Being a publisher and being a retailer is completely different. Valve took no part in the game, they simply accepted it into their catalogue, as any retailer would have done. EA on the otherhand handled distribution and advertising, probably otherthings but I don’t know their whole involvement.

        Whether it would have been great PR or not isn’t the debate here. I don’t doubt that EA are doing it for PR but that is a choice they chose to make, Valve do not have to make the same decision. In fact it would have went against Valves refund policy so it might have resulted in bad PR, as many other people would have felt cheated at the situation.

        @Bairdie: of course you should get a refund if you can get it, I never stated otherwise.

  3. Optimaximal #

    I wouldn’t touch the Saboteur on PC with a bargepole… it’s broken in many places.

  4. Ab #

    I passed this tip on to an American friend of mine and he eventually managed to get Dragon Age: Origin Deluxe Edition from EA.

    That’s quite nice of them.


    Where do we write that we want a refund?

  6. Boktou #

    Chat support online.

    Works for me but ONLY for released game, ask for medal of honor but no so i take BFBC2.
    You have do show some proof with a Screenshare plugin, anyone know how to desintall it ?

    Works with EVERY DIGITAL version of apb, mine was on direct2drive

  7. Just been told that because I ordered before the 15th of July (I bought it on the 6th) that I am not eligable and they gave me a sodding 25% discount instead, what a load of horse sh*t! I’m arguing the point with them but will likely have to start harassing their UK office to see sense in this. The game was released on the 29th of June, it should incude everyone. Those who preordered? Tough, it seems. >.<

  8. RippinRocket #

    apparently the replacement game is only for those who bought the game after the 15th of July, everyone who played the game before this gets a useless 10 pound discount

    • Jimmy #

      I purchased the game through the EA store online on July 3rd and contacted EA through the online chat interface two days ago. This is how it went… surprisingly fast refund.

      *****: Hi, my name is *****. How may I help you?
      : Hi *****, I bought a PC game from the EA store, APB and now the service is not available and I’m left without a game to play for my money.
      *****: You purchased from EA store online?
      : yes
      *****: Download version
      *****: >?
      : yes
      *****: In that case, I can issue refund for that purchase
      *****: give me your order number please
      : Order Number: **********
      *****: Give me last 4 digits of the credit card used to placed the order
      : ****
      *****: I have refunded the amount to used credit card.
      : Thank you very much.
      *****: This is your refund number- ********. Amount will credit to account within 4 to 5 days.
      *****: you are welcmoe
      *****: welcome
      *****: Is there anything else I may assist you further?
      : No that is all, thank you

  9. Dukk420 #

    I’m glad they helped some people…but I was just told by EA Customer Support via chat session that they are not giving replacement games for APB. That really sucks-ass…

  10. JOBThatsMe09 #

    Ive tried to get a refund or any sort of compensation at all and received their same stupid policy stating that it is Steam’s fault and I should take the matter up with them. I feel like EA by association has really screwed us over.

  11. ddr #

    In case anyone is still interested, I emailed Game about a refund and only heard back today with:

    “I apologise for the delayed response. We have recently been having technical problems with our email system.

    Unfortunately the publisher of this game APB has currently gone into administration as a result the online service is not available anymore.

    As a result customer are entitled to a full refund for the game providing they have proof of purchase.

    I apologise for any disappointment.”

    so, looks like Game will give you a refund if you’ve got the receipt. Now, whether you should do this after getting a game out of EA (for those that have) is a question of morals…

    • Yo #

      This is what EA replied me today whrn I asked for a refund (I bought APB in Steam):


      Thank you for contacting Electronic Arts.

      EA has no relationship with the digital channel Steam. Our distribution of APB was limited to specific digital partners. You purchased your game from a retailer that has no relationship with EA for APB. EA has no obligation to provide compensation of any kind. However, if you feel you are entitled to a refund or other entitlement based on the terms and circumstances of your specific purchase, we suggest that you contact retailer/Steam to determine if a refund and/or other relief is available

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