I am using something called Flattr

I’ve giving this new service a try, if it takes off, and enough of you lot sign up, I’ll probably use it permanently, we’ll see.

It’s called Flattr, and this video explains it better than my words will:

It seems like a pretty fantastic idea to me, and it’s a good way of donating to lots of web sites, but knowing exactly how much you’ll be donating beforehand (the minimum is 2 euros a month).

There should be a button somewhere beneath here. If you fancy it, you can register here, and then click that button to Flattr at me.

Edit: It appears that you can Flattr each post separately, not just the site as a whole. I guess that means the more times you Fluttr me, the bigger share of your total Fluttring I get. I think anyway. I’ll look in to it.

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  1. anon #

    This is one of those ideas that seem incredibly simple and obvious AFTER someone else comes up with it. That tends to mean in some form or another it will absolutely be a success.

  2. Jaffo #

    Good idea, be interesting to see if it takes off.

  3. check out atokens.com.. they work like flattr

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