Portal, PC/Mac – Free

Portal, PC/Mac – Free

Valve have gone crazy. To celebrate releasing the Mac version of Steam, they are giving away Portal, one of the bestest ever games ever 10/10, for absolutely free.

Available for free until the 24th of May.

Mac gamers might want to check out the Steam Mac watchlist too.

Edit: To clarify, you get to keep it forever, but this offer is only available until the 24th of May.

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  1. mamac #

    Good that its free even for PC gamers. Does anyone know what this steamplay thing is though?

    • Nick #

      It means you can buy a game for PC and if it has Steamplay you get the mac version for free.

  2. Nick #

    Steam for Mac’s launch was incredible – we brought the official forum thread to 500 pages :L
    Can’t believe Valve is doing this, don’t miss out!

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