WIN: Bob came in pieces

Disappointed about missing out on winning Bayonetta? Here’s the perfect antidote.

The lovely folks at Ludosity have kindly offered two downloads of their new space ship building, flying puzzle game, Bob Came in pieces.

To be in with a chance to win, here’s what your instructions:
1. Design a spaceship
2. Send it to me here (upload a picture of it to imageshack or something)
3. Wait patiently

Now, how you want to make the spaceship is up to you. You could draw it with crayons, make it in MS Paint, make it out of LEGO, or have a would with your contacts at NASA and get them to put together a blueprint for you. However you want to do it, creativity and humour are totally encouraged.

All I ask is that somewhere on the Spaceship should have the word “SavyGamer” on it, so I can tell you’ve not just done a sneaky google image search/photoshop jobby.

Why not try the demo of Bob came in pieces, which you can get here. The game is available from lots of different places, all listed here.

Deadline is Sunday the 31st of January.

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  1. Have to try!

    Can you please say how you will be choosing the two lucky winners – just by your personal preference, or by humour, creativity, bob-came-in-pieces-ivity, or such other semi-objective criteria of the entries?

    And will you then post all the entries, for everyone’s awe and enjoyment? 😉

    • Lewie Procter #

      Going to send them to the developer for them to pick.

      I’ll post the highlights

  2. Just checking, are we still on step 3, or I missed an announcement?

    PS Now all the internets will know me as impatient…

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