Aliens VS Predator 3D, PC – £17.99

Aliens VS Predator 3D, PC – £17.99 delivered

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  1. Spod #

    Oof that’s a good price, but what I’ve seen has been too good to be true – I’m expecting it to be crap until proven otherwise :\.

    • Rob #

      Why not call it ‘Alien vs Predator (2010)’, to seperate it from the original?

      ‘3D’ just sounds a little strange IMO.

  2. TH0TH #

    Well theres hope for it yet, but i’m unconvinced, if they can recapture the sheer terror of the first one that’d be grand. Btw Lewie that link takes me to the 360 version

    this is the pc version;

    ofc could be one of my many ‘security’ features doing odd things to amazon url’s 😛

    • Mac #

      Being cross platform will likely result in a watered down game … shame really …

      If more games were £17.99 I would buy far more like I used to – I have only bought 6 games (and only 1 of them at £25 – Dragon Age)this year as opposed to over 30 last year … Great business model the industry has at the moment – price it high so people don;t bother, then when people have had time to forget about it they reduce the price to £15, but still don’t sell any.

      the sooner they get their collective heads out of their collective arses are reduce the price a little on launch and then hold that price for a reasonable period, the sooner I and others will start pre-ordering again.

      What’s the point of pre-ordering when you know it will be half price in a months time … assuming you haven’t forgotten about it that is 😛

    • Lewie Procter #

      Amazon have started having one page for multiplatform games, and the way their affiliate linking works, you can’t easily specify which you want to link to. I’ll look into it.

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